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  1. Setna

    Losing Trust

    I would like to ask everyone to please keep me in their prayers again. Things have been getting better but I keep messing things up, I'm currently dealing with a very difficult person in my life ( I can also be difficult sometimes to be fair), that I really love but every interaction we have is...
  2. Setna

    In ER again,

    Lord have mercy on Sethrak, may God guide and heal you through this trial.
  3. Setna

    Please pray for me

    Lord have mercy on Wooster.
  4. Setna

    Losing Trust

    This quote was in response to Sethrak reaching out to me (among many others that I'm so thankful for), however, I felt the need to share it here since it applies to all of you as well. I just wanted to thank all of you again for your continued prayers. It means more to me than you can imagine...
  5. Setna

    Armenian & Artsakh

    Lord have mercy on your people.
  6. Setna

    Losing Trust

    I'd like to thank all of you for your prayers and ask that you continue to pray for me. The grief has been unbearable and the blows have not stopped, I have spent the last few days crying and pleading with God. I have been attending the evening Pascal services since Sunday night, yet I feel even...
  7. Setna

    Losing Trust

    Please pray for me. Over the last month or so a series of events and blows have lessened my trust in God (which was weak, to begin with). I am in a pit and do not know how to get out. Please pray for my weak faith and trust in God and that I may grow in these things despite my worries and anxieties.
  8. Setna

    Archpriest Fr. Arsanios Wadded martyred while giving alms to a man.

    Lord have mercy and grant forgiveness and understanding to the murderer. This has been the normal in Egypt for many years but recently it has calmed down a bit. It's heart breaking to see this happen again. I pray it does not set off a new wave of murder and persecution for Copts...
  9. Setna

    For my Friend Jessica and her situation.

    an update regarding the situation, My friend has broken off contact with me and has asked for space, she no longer talks to me and I am heartbroken. I may have pushed her too hard with wanting to know what is wrong, in my stupidity, I accused her of not caring for her friends, even though we...
  10. Setna

    In ER

    Lord Have mercy on your servant Sethrak, may his healing be speedy and timely.
  11. Setna

    My fiancee is pregnant again

    Glory be to God in the highest. congratulations Raph!
  12. Setna

    For my Friend Jessica and her situation.

    Please pray for my friend Jessica. She has had a few horrible months and difficult situations, most notably the deteriorating health of her mother. she is usually a very loving and caring friend, who is deeply empathetic. however, during a recent conversation, she has stated that she no longer...
  13. Setna

    For peace between Russia and the Ukraine

    Lord, Holy God, Have Mercy.
  14. Setna

    Numerous churches recently burned and/or vandalized in Canada

    and now it seems that a Coptic orthodox church has been burned down in surrey B.C, Lord Have Mercy! https://globalnews.ca/news/8040108/coptic-orthodox-church-surrey-destroyed-fire/
  15. Setna

    Pray for me and a friend!

    I wanted to give an update to those of you who have prayed for me regarding this matter. I have recently over the last week reconnected with my friend and we have talked regarding what has happened and have both apologized for our contribution to what the situation was, we have officially made...
  16. Setna

    Pray for me and a friend!

    I ask you to please continue praying for me, I have begun having panic attacks this past week as a result of the loss. I still have to see my friend as we work together on a daily basis. My heart cannot take this anymore, it is as if I never existed and do not exist at all, it has effected me so...
  17. Setna

    Pray for me and a friend!

    I first want to thank everyone who has prayed for me so far, you don't know how much this means to me, to know that more righteous people than I are praying for me. I would like to ask for your continued prayers, I am shattered by the loss of my friend and I wake up every morning feeling anxious...
  18. Setna

    Pray for me and a friend!

    I thank you all for praying for me, unfortunately my friend has unfollowed me on all messaging apps and has kicked me out of any mutual groups, it seems they will not speak to me no matter what, please pray for her and for my self and that God may bless me with loyal and caring friends in the...
  19. Setna

    Pray for me and a friend!

    Please continue to pray for me and my friend, I am battling the urge to go confront my friend and ask them if they will ever speak to me again and to try to explain myself. My heart is very heavy and I am in a very melancholic mood, please pray that God may grant me the strength to give my...
  20. Setna

    Pray for me and a friend!

    please pray for me and a very dear friend of mine as we are currently in the middle of a fight and are not talking to each other at this moment. I have realized that I am at fault in this situation even though I perceived an artificial distancing between the both of us on their end. please pray...