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  1. tqw1171

    Why isn't the forum domain in HTTPS?

    Hello everyone! I may not post here but I have never forgotten about this place, and never will given to how much it helped me in my spiritual journey, I returned here being welcomed to the new forum layout, but, why is the domain still not HTTPS? simple question!
  2. tqw1171

    Planning to change my OC.net Email address, will anything happen?

    Just a pretty quick question, I am going to change my OC.net Email address but I once saw some messages saying that it had to be approved by moderators, or that the account would stay stuck for weeks, if I change my current email to a new one, what exactly will happen? will it just be a quick...
  3. tqw1171

    The universe in a billion years from now disproves the second coming of Christ?

    Since february that I do not post anything in here, but I believe that this will get more answers perhaps in OC.net than where I posted it at first (I am doing a direct copy and paste of my question), I am not sure where to find some christian answers to this issue, Orthodox or not, and to be...
  4. tqw1171

    Is it possible to change my username?

    Hello, thank you for accepting me!, is there any way to change my username?, this is a pretty bad one I chose... I believed I would not be accepted in OC.net because my name more sounds like an automatic spam machine rather than an actual person. From what I saw, an Admin can change your name...