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  1. Elpidophoros

    New hierarch issues new antimins?!?!?!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtvLcGC5cOo I really do not understand this “άλλος μητροπολίτης άλλο αντιμήνσιον” phenomenon. First above all, such action seems to has no canonical basis in the church tradition.Secondly, this is not logical:since antimension is a substitute of an agia trapeza,if...
  2. Elpidophoros

    Chinese Orthodox Church In Chinese

    皇圖鞏固山河壯 帝道遐昌日月明 萬民瞻仰堯舜日 歲稔豐登樂太平 [b]Elpidophoros--- Please provide an English translation for your latest contribution. Otherwise I shall split your post from this thread and place it in the Other Languages board. +FrChris Admin
  3. Elpidophoros

    The 95th birthday of Patriarch Pavle

    The beheading of St John and the 95th birthday of Patriarch Pavle September 11, 2009 A polyarchieratic-concelebrating liturgy has been served today, in the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade, where Patriarch Pavle is hospitalized, on the occasion of the day of beheading of St John the...
  4. Elpidophoros

    Funny Distich

    I see your face when I am dreaming. That's why I always wake up screaming. 你的容颜依稀入梦境, 于是我在尖叫中惊醒。
  5. Elpidophoros

    Chapters on Liturgic of Стоглавый Собор(Hundred Chapter Council )

    Anyone knows where I can find translation of the Chapters on Liturgic Themes from Стоглавый Собор(Hundred Chapter Council )?——translations in Sinic or English or Hellenic. Thanks!
  6. Elpidophoros

    Mr Hu jin-tao = old ritualist?

    Mr. Hu Jin-tao(the President of the People's Republic of China)is a old ritualist? See this photo from his early years: DO NOT POST TOPICS IN THE FREE-FOR-ALL PARENT BOARD.  THERE IS A STICKY POSTED IN ALL CAPS IN THAT BOARD GIVING NOTICE OF THIS POLICY. ~Veniamin, Free-for-All Moderator...
  7. Elpidophoros


    I can understand the "big letters"on this kpct ikon,but annot read the "red letters"(small ,on background),could anybody help me?
  8. Elpidophoros

    small phailonion?

    Small phailonion be used by old ritualists as vestment of readers: In mainstream russian church,it's a tool only used temporarily in the cherothesia of reader: In greek church,it's unknown.(see:  http://www.orthodox.or.kr/korean/Great%20Lent%202nd%20Sunday.m4v ) My question is: why...
  9. Elpidophoros

    The ordination of the first Pakistan Orthodox Christian Priest

    On Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 November, His Eminence Metropolitan Nektarios of Hong Kong and Southeast Asia ordained as Deacon and as Priest fr.John Tanveer. The new clergyman lives in Lahore Pakistan and from now on he will be the spiritual father of our orthodox community in Lahore which has...
  10. Elpidophoros

    Greek anarchists attack church building and beat christians in Thessaloniki

    From the day before yesterday,anti-christian greek anarchists goups of Thessaloniki began to attack church building and christians in public. They destroyed holy ikons of St.Athanasios' chapel, set fire to the representative office of Holy mountain Athos in the city. According to the eyewitness...
  11. Elpidophoros

    music for the Lorica Patricii

    Anyone has the music for the Lorica Sancti Patricii(episcopi armachiae)? ???
  12. Elpidophoros

    Is "Medal/Cross of Saint Benedict" orthodox?

    Is "Medal/Cross of Saint Benedict" orthodox? Can we use it?
  13. Elpidophoros

    Liturgical practise of antiochian parish

    I found this clip: http://hk.youtube.com/watch?v=SmZkZF9Wio0 There are some interesting aspects which differ from the mainstream practise(or the practise which is more  familiar to me). 1, The formula of baptism wihout "the name"("In the Father...."rather than "In the name of the Father...")...
  14. Elpidophoros

    Canonical Icons Discussion In Oriental Script

    各人意見: 1,合利斯托斯聖容在圣像上被描繪為有漢人特征是可以的,按照傳承,大聖佛提牧首開許將救世主描繪為各種族之人,因合利斯托斯所取之人性,為普天下一切人共同之人性,非特特取猶代亞人之人性也。 2,至聖誕神女上帝母被描繪為漢人女子也是可以的,因榮耀安息后的聖母聖軀已經預先享有將來復活后光榮之軀的一些恩典,所謂千處祈求千處應,自然可以有不同形象的化現。 3,在某些傳承中,不但有微露髮髻的聖母像,甚至有披散頭髮的聖母像,比如俄羅斯的“救產難母”,此為有甚深密意的例外顯現,不可一概而論也。...