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    Resource for debunking the historical claims of the Da Vinci Code

    A Coptic Orthodox theologian did a series on it, but it's in Arabic. I'm wondering if any of you know of any good resource in English
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    Are the Indian Orthodox and the Syriac Orthodox technically in communion.

    I am very confused about whether the two jurisdictions are in communion with one another. Can they concelebrate Liturgy? Can they both concelebrate with another Oriental Orthodox jurisdiction at the same time? Thank you.
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    Merry (Gregorian) Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate today!
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    Is there a good book in English about St. Mary's apparitions in Egypt?

    I don't know where to find a good English book about St. Mary's recent apparitions in Egypt. I have one written in poor English, by a Catholic author.
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    Unity between EO and OO seems more likely than between EO and RC

    The only restoring of full communion I can imagine is between the Oriental Orthodox and Eastern Orthodox churches. Rome has continued to adopt several doctrines contrary to Orthodoxy. They justify doing so by a belief in the "development of doctrine," which is an idea that the faith can develop...
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    Getting a girlfriend!

    I wanna get a girlified. I'm 19. In High School, I ignored every hint that every hot girl gave me that she wanted me to ask her out. I want someone who shares my faith. But what do I do, try some pickup lines at church? 😂😂. Any advice?
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    The feud between the two Oriental Orthodox groups in India.

    I want to understand the history and state of affairs regarding the feud between Malankara Orthodox Syrian church and the Jacobite Syrian Christian Church. How did the feud begin? How are things looking now? How do you expect that this will play out? How has the feud effected the Oriental...
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    Effect of canonical differences in the Oriental Orthodox church

    - The Coptic church receives converts from Protestantism by rebaptism.....but the Armenian church does not - The Coptic, Ethiopian and Eritrean churches do not bless inter-Christian marriages, but the Armenian, Syriac, and Indian churches do. - If a Protestant who converted to OO through the...
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    Is the movie "heaven is for real" compatible with Orthodoxy?

    I was thinking to show my grandparents the film "heaven is for real." But I don't know if it's compatible with Orthodoxy
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    Are the Anglican or Lutheran churches Apostolic and Sacramental?

    The Catholic Church is often called by Orthodox an Apostolic church because it has kept the sacraments and the apostolic lineage. As well, there is a lot of precedent for Catholics being accepted into Orthodoxy by confession of faith (which implies that they have Valid Sacraments.) What about...
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    Favourite Oriental Orthodox Saint

    Who is your favourite saint that is recognized in the OO communion? (Pre-schism saints included.) How have their prayers impacted your life? Why did you choose them to be your intercessor? What of their virtues do you try to model?
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    Arguments online

    Do you guys think it would be discouraging for people to see arguments among fellow Orthodox online, like on websites like this. Especially for people who are just checking Orthodoxy out. I feel like it gives an impression that we don't know what we believe, even though we are grounded in...
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    Patristic view of age at which one should marry.

    I feel as though, as a result of the emphasis on education, and the complete disregard for purity in Western culture, that our society leaves marriage for too late an age group. Sometimes, as well, I think church views can be presented in an overburdensome, and non-dogmatic way. For example, I...
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    Liturgical Problems in the Syriac Orthodox church.

    As faithful of the Oriental Orthodox church, I think it is perfectly reasonable that we are fully aware of the extreme liturgical problems that have, and are taking place in Latin America. The following videos are Divine Liturgies conducted by the Syriac Orthodox Archdiocese of Central America...