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  1. Keble

    Hyper-Marian doctrines

    The fact that it has no scriptural testimony is going to present major authority problems for this Protestant, for starters. But the bigger problem is the disruption of the economy of salvation that all these tales imply. All the transformation of Mary into Superpuritywoman diminishes the...
  2. Keble

    "Closure", eh?

    Speak for yourself. Your theory on how/why people think about evolution seems to me to be an example of the kind of thinking you're decrying. You've rationalized away their arguments in an irrelevant tangent on motives with the evident motivation of not having to take seriously the criticism of...
  3. Keble

    Worshipping Aristotle

    Of course this is a quackish interpretation of Greek science. The truth is that Greek medicine is just as hypothetical as Baconian; the missing element is experimental verification, which the medievals tossed in favor of simply taking the ancients as authorities even when observation showed that...
  4. Keble

    Political correctness as heres?

    Sorry, I don't see this. It's a political heresy to the libertarians, but it's not the amplified version of any old heresy.
  5. Keble

    Japan and WW II

    Japanese naval superiority was largely a function of (a) surprise and (b) the Germans forcing part of the US fleet to stay in the Atlantic. At the beginning of the war, the US and Japanese had rough parity in naval forces (the Japs had more carriers, but only a few of them were comparable to the...
  6. Keble

    Rejoice! The Onion Dome lives!

    The Onion Dome 2.0
  7. Keble

    We have power again

    As many of you are surely aware, the big storm on Friday took out power all over Maryland. One of our neighbor's trees fell onto the line to our house and yanked it out from his house, but left ours connected if precarious. Then the whole neighborhood lost power until Tuesday AM in the night. It...
  8. Keble

    One thing at least you Orthodox don't have to suffer through

    It isn't likely that you'll ever have to suffer through a Good Friday service which begins with the priest explaining laboriously about how at all the places where it says to kneel, you can sit or stand if that works better for you.
  9. Keble

    Metropolitan Valentine has died

    It has been announced that Metropolitan Valentine died in Moscow on the 16th of this month. He was head of the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church (ROAC) which figured heavily here and in some other blogs some years past.
  10. Keble

    Hopko's list of points

    It seems apparent that the "apologists who concede nothing" thread isn't going to be reopened, which is perhaps just as well. However, in the early part of that thread, someone linked to a position paper by Thomas Hopko which contains a list of points where he thinks Catholic theology and...
  11. Keble

    As "denomination" is defined in English, each Orthodox jurisdiction is a denomination.

    As "denomination" is defined in English, each Orthodox jurisdiction is a denomination.
  12. Keble

    Italian Autonomous Orthodox Church

    Does anyone know anything about an Italian Autonomous Orthodox Church? I came across it in Wikipedia but people there suggest that the supposed head of it may not have anything to do with it.
  13. Keble

    Gregory of Buena Vista: "one of the preeminent iconographers in the country"

    ... at least that's the comment here in a GetReligion story on this article about a new Antiochian church in Colorado. Next week, I expect to find out that Michael Lentz is doing Byzantine Catholic buildings...
  14. Keble


    Could someone discuss the liturgical use of salt and point to some references on the subject?
  15. Keble

    OCA to end relations with TEC, forge ties with ACNA

    From The Living Church:
  16. Keble

    St. Nicholas Icons considered too representational

    From the St. Nicholas Center, we have a forensic reconstruction of Nicholas' face compared with iconographic representations.
  17. Keble

    Dormition Vespers in Montana

    So here I am in one of Montana's cities, and I find out that there is going to be Dormition vespers-- 7:30 Saturday evening. It's a Greek church, and there are seven people there besides the priest; it turns out that one of the others is apparently a stray nut who for whatever reason did the...
  18. Keble

    The "Fond du Lac Circus"

    Just so we don't have to keep going over this: here's a picture of St. Tikhon at the consecration of Reginald Weller as Bishop Coadjutor of the Episcopal Diocese of Fond du Lac: No he didn't participate in the laying on of hands. The fellow on the far left is a Polish National Catholic...
  19. Keble

    Michael Travesser in the News Again

    Remember Michael Travesser? Well, according to CNN, he has been arrested on the usual sort of sex charges.
  20. Keble

    A Slavic Fluctuation

    This defies description, so I won't. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UuFJoexdlU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgjNq-Y8NGk