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  1. Johnhus2021

    Why you need a Teacher to show you the Bible.

    Why do you need a teacher to teach you how to read the Bible The Bible is clear to read and not hard to understand what you Mean is a convert to orthodoxy needs a teacher so that they Can learn the Bible according to how the Eastern Orthodox Church interprets the Bible
  2. Johnhus2021

    Bishop John Lobue

    I find nothing but cultural and tradition when I have stepped into a Eastern Orthodox Church hymns that are nice but some what out dated And when you have a place that looks nice is holy and revered But it seems the gospel message can get lost over the traditions and practices Dating back...
  3. Johnhus2021

    Bishop John Lobue

    Why is the Russian patriach left leaning all the priests and clergy for the most part who worked with the soviet goverment are dead and the patriarchal church has apologized for the past and the rocor church accepted that apology the Soviet Union ended 30 years ago I was 25 when the communist...
  4. Johnhus2021

    Bishop John Lobue

    Anyway I did meet a couple of patriarchal Russian priests in New Jersey who remember fr John lobue predecessor bishop William Francis brothers who’s monastery was connected to the Russian patriarchal church for a few years in the 60’s they said bishop brothers was a bit odd when they met him...
  5. Johnhus2021

    Bishop John Lobue

    Thank you but I have been back in the Lutheran faith for 15 years and I like it they have a oca in hunterdon county New Jersey but as long as. I found a traditional lutheran church I am fine also I organized St Stephen the martyr confessional evangelical Lutheran fellowship in America a...
  6. Johnhus2021

    Bishop John Lobue

    I even tried the Ukrainians since they are close to Czech Slovak and the carpatho Russian never did fit in
  7. Johnhus2021

    Bishop John Lobue

    I tried Eastern Orthodox Christianity for 15 years the cultural change and practices were too hard to accept and most Eastern Orthodox churches are basically ethinic social clubs and if you are not one of them you are a outsider
  8. Johnhus2021

    Bishop John Lobue

    I am just saying this church has changed names a lot over the years from the old Catholic Church in America when bishop William brothers stated it to the synod of orthodox bishops of the western rite to being part of the Ukrainian patriarch to being part of the Milan synod and now they call...
  9. Johnhus2021

    Schlock Icons

    that is pure blasphemy I was raised Augustian Lutheran very traditional and we respect and honor the holy THEOTOKOS the mother of god To paint a icon with Mary the mother of god having a bullseye target on her is just plain disgusting and disrespectful this does not surprise me their is a...
  10. Johnhus2021

    Bishop John Lobue

    Excuse me I have know bishop lobue off and on for nearly 20 years he is a nice guy but living in a broken down hunting cabin in west Milford nj he had a nun sleeping on a couch in the living room in the winter because the heat wouldn’t work in the trailer that she slept in during the winter...
  11. Johnhus2021

    Archbishop Bans Eulogies at Funeral Masses

    Why would you ban a eulogy The Lutheran church have a eulogies at funerals this sounds just weird to ban them all together
  12. Johnhus2021

    Responding to CARM's claims of Church Fathers who denied the Local Presence

    all I know as a Lutheran we believe Jesus is truly present in the wine and bread even through they physically do not change in physical appearance but we do not believe in transubstation we believe it is a mystery and do not believe you can know the precise moment it becomes the real body...