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  1. Rhinosaur

    Prayers for my mother

    Very recently, my mother had a major back surgery. About a week or so later, she started experiencing very serious breathing problems, and it turns out that she has an infection. This on top of her arthritis and other issues, she is feeling very bad as of late. Can you please keep her and the...
  2. Rhinosaur

    Mother in hospital, expecting surgery

    Tomorrow, my mother is going to have a major operation. Can you all keep her and my father in your prayers?
  3. Rhinosaur

    For someone in medical depression

    Someone that I know of is suffering a lot both physically and mentally from a debilitating disease. Please keep them in your prayers.
  4. Rhinosaur

    What's been going on with Ancient Faith Radio and political posts?

    I recently saw a post on FB from Abbot Tryphon, stating that he would be leaving AFR. From the comments below, it seems to be that AFR is getting rid of overtly political content. Does anyone know exactly what this entails, what the issue is, and who may or may not be leaving AFR? AFR has...
  5. Rhinosaur

    For a passed family member and their family

    Recently, a member of my extended family passed away, and especially those who were close to him are in mourning. Please keep them in your prayers.
  6. Rhinosaur

    For a grieving friend and their family

    A friend of mine recently lost some relatives, and they and their family are currently grieving. Please keep them in your prayers.
  7. Rhinosaur

    About a sexual assault

    An acquaintance of mine was sexually assaulted a while ago and is still very much traumatized. Can you please keep them in your prayers?
  8. Rhinosaur

    Getting ahold of Orthodox holy water

    I was thinking of buying some holy water for daily drinking, and I was wondering what the best places for that were.
  9. Rhinosaur

    For my parents and I

    In the next few months, my mom will need to go through some medical procedures in order to get rid of a growth, and my dad will have to do that brunt work of taking care of her. I of course will help out as best as I can, but I live away from them at the moment. Can you keep us, especially...
  10. Rhinosaur

    How does one forgive themselves?

    There are a number of sins for which I have gone to confession for but which, in my heart, I have not forgiven myself for and/or allowed God's grace in to fully heal me. Does anyone here have any advice on how one forgives oneself for sins that have been committed? I want to do this, but I...
  11. Rhinosaur

    Prayers for family friends

    A family friend of ours is in the hospital for liver cancer while two of her children are sick with covid. Please pray for them and for their friends and family.
  12. Rhinosaur

    Relative with new health issues

    Please pray for a relative of mine has recently been diagnosed with a very bad condition that not only has its own debilitating symptoms but which has also exacerbated some of their previous conditions as well.
  13. Rhinosaur

    Is it required to name your children after Orthodox saints?

    I don't have any kids, and am not even married, but I'm just curious, is it required to name your children after saints?  I don't intend to give my kids weird celebrity names or the like, but I'm talking about names like Richard, Britney, Karen, Shawn, etc, names which are fine but do not have...
  14. Rhinosaur

    Friend's relative had a stroke

    I just found out that the relative of a friend of mine had a stroke.  He's doing well, but the family, especially the aunt, is shook up.  Please keep them all in your prayers.
  15. Rhinosaur

    Prayer for an artist

    Robbi Rodriguez, an artist for Marvel Comics, has to leave his job due to a degenerative eye condition.  Please pray that he can get the necessary treatment.
  16. Rhinosaur

    Friend of a friend

    A friend of a friend is going through a very difficult time.  Can you pray for them and their friends and family?
  17. Rhinosaur

    Roman Catholic saints who are or are not compatible with Orthodoxy

    In the event of a reunion, which saints do you think would be alright to venerate, and which saints do you think might be problematic?
  18. Rhinosaur

    I loathe and fear going to church

    I have to share a major problem I'm going through.  Though going to church has always been a bit of a chore for me, in the last few weeks, these feelings have ramped up considerably, and they have been building up for many months.  As of the moment, the very thought of going to church almost...
  19. Rhinosaur

    Friend's ex-wife has bad cancer

    A friend of mine's ex-wife has had yet another attack of cancer, after they thought it was gone.  They have a young child together, please keep them in your prayers.
  20. Rhinosaur

    Does Orthodoxy have anything akin to mendicant monasticism?

    While I know that Orthodoxy does not have orders in the same way that Rome does, I'm curious if there is anything in the Church akin to those in behavior, moving from place to place and dedicating themselves to poverty, evangelization, and good works?