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  1. JohnCassian

    Ephraim Controversy

    I absolutely agree. And I think that this is the question around which the Ephraim controversy revolves. Are these monasteries places formulated around the Gospel in its fullness, or have they verged into Encratism? And if the latter, then aren't they actually a stumbling block in the path of...
  2. JohnCassian

    Ephraim Controversy

    But, historically, there's no foundation for your case. When St. John Cassian was enlisted to regularize monasticism in Western Europe, he sat down and composed works which compared and contrasted two existing forms of monasticism and then acculturated them for Western Europe. St. Nil Sorsky...
  3. JohnCassian

    Ephraim Controversy

    I've thought about this a lot, and I think its primarily a cross-cultural problem. And part of a general cross-cultural problem that's afflicting Orthodoxy as it tries to adapt in America. Essentially, Orthodoxy is struggling to find a distinctively American way to express itself that doesn't...
  4. JohnCassian

    Authenticity of 1 John 5:7

    The fact that the Medieval Vulgate contained errors of various kinds has no effect on anything doctrinally for me whatsoever. Nor does the fallibility of the 1611 King James for that matter. If you're arguing about the Bible with a skeptic, you're putting the cart before the horse. You can't...
  5. JohnCassian

    Authenticity of 1 John 5:7

    Curse that Erasmus and his Enlightenment rationalist ability to read Greek! Wait...what?
  6. JohnCassian

    Authenticity of 1 John 5:7

    Ah yes, the story of that verse reads like a Viking Saga. It isn't attested to in the Byzantine text tradition, we can start there. That verse is actually a gloss on the adjacent verse, 'there are three that testify on Earth, the Spirit, the Water, and the Blood' which, over the course of a...
  7. JohnCassian

    Holy Synod of Antioch approves Constitution

    This promotes Orthodox Unity in the following way: For Orthodox unity to happen in the U.S., ultimately, the Antiochian Archdiocese will have to become an Archdiocese within the OCA. In order for that to happen, it needs to have its own functioning Local Synod capable of operating...
  8. JohnCassian

    Holy Synod of Antioch approves Constitution

    This is the result as some kind of huge, seemingly pointless, and I have the impression primarily behind the scenes feud of some sort between His Eminence Metropolitan PHILIP and another member of the Holy Synod of Antioch over the correct English translation of the initial decree of...
  9. JohnCassian

    Pope To Return Bones Of Sts John Chrysostom & Gregory

    I think you answered your own question. I think this Pope is aware that the next one will likely not be as ammenable to Orthodoxy, and so he's doing everything he can in what are most likely his final months to mend the fences as best he can. That, and I think he's actually sincere, and...
  10. JohnCassian

    What is your ethnical background?

    For the record, as a Dutchman (but not a flying one), I must object to being lumped together with the Germans. Bad enough they invade us every couple of weeks...now we've got you acting like we're the same country! >:(
  11. JohnCassian

    GOA - Protestants & EP Sign Agreement Re: Baptism

    Ha! This takes 'Meaningless Joint Statement' to a whole new level of silliness. Coming next week: EP and Pope Sign Agreement Re: Books in the New Testament!
  12. JohnCassian

    Why should MY taxes pay for this????!!!

    Just to stick up for my alma mater, Scott got that argument during his days at Westminster Seminary. Its the standard Covenantal reading of that text. He's kept it because its solid exegesis and it fits the Roman Catholic view. But I bring it up to point out that its not just the Orthodox and...
  13. JohnCassian

    Greek St. James

    I wish it were more commonly used as well. As far as a lead goes...its my understanding that the Jerusalem Patriarchate still uses the St. James Liturgy most of the time. They have a monastery, Holy Cross, in East Setauket. Being a monastery and all, I imagine odds are good.
  14. JohnCassian

    American "Christian" Values

    An Australian seminary professor of mine once said: "I've never understood you Americans and all of this 'Christian nation' nonsense. But then, when you're from a country founded by felons, it makes that particular pretense a little more difficult." ;D
  15. JohnCassian

    How in the name of the Lord is this possible?

    Shiloah...nobody was bashing Baptists. My post contained multiple smileys, indicating that I was joking, and the original post was an excerpt from a Southern Baptist evangelism manual telling Baptist how to convert Orthodox folk to Christianity. Us pointing out how stupid and offensive that is...
  16. JohnCassian

    How in the name of the Lord is this possible?

    One of these days, for 'shoe on the other foot' purposes, I'm going to put up an Orthodox page telling Orthodox folk how to evangelize various forms of lost Protestants, then post links on some Protestant discussion boards. ;) "1) Baptists deny their children the Grace of God by denying them...
  17. JohnCassian

    GOA Church locks out priest

    John Kritikos, president of the fired parish council, said parishioners want a priest who is fluent in Greek and English, because much of the parish is made up of second- and third-generation Greeks, and an English-speaking priest is the only way the church can attract and keep younger members...
  18. JohnCassian

    Receiving a saint's name upon Chrismation

    There's a good article on this topic here: http://www.saintandrew.net/fr_josiah/homilies/ChristianNamesandPatronSaints.htm
  19. JohnCassian

    Pre-Destined Free Will?

    Define Semi-Pelagian? :) As a little background, the term 'Semi-Pelagian' doesn't antedate the Reformation. It was a pejorative used by the Reformers against the Roman Catholic system of condine and congruent merit (neither of which have I in any way endorsed, obviously). Modern Reformed...
  20. JohnCassian

    Pre-Destined Free Will?

    A few points from a former Calvinist: 1) This whole argument assumes that speaking of God's 'foreknowledge' isn't an anthropomorphism. I.e. it assumes that you can speak univocally about the Divine Essence. Put another way, for God to be able to know things 'before they happen', He would have...