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    Living in Sin (Big Time)

    I really, really need all your prayers.  I have been living in major sin over the past couple months.  Thing is....I'm deeply frightened to go to Confession.  Please pray that the Holy Trinity would give me courage.  I want to change but there's something holding me back :-\ thanx
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    The Knights of Sophia

    I was intrigued when I found out that Vladimir Solovyov (who, in case you couldn't tell, I am a big fan of......for those who don't like it: eat a soy-burger) founded a chivalric society called the "Knights of Sophia".  Could anyone tell me more information on this matter?  Does this society...
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    Sympathy for the Devil

    As far back as I can remember, up to about 3 or 4 years old, I distinctly remember maintaining a sort of "sympathy for the devil".  I know there's some touchy-feely Freudian hibbidy-jibbidy behind all this, like I was projecting anger for my strict God-fearing father at God Himself, and then...
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    What's it like to be a Christian in Europe?

    I was wondering.  For all you Orthodox (or Catholic, or other for that matter) Christians who live in Europe: given the secular mentality which pervades Europe, what is it like to be a Christian in Europe?  Do you face jeering and the like?  Is there much persecution (whether through the...
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    God did TOO suffer on the cross!

    What do you MEAN His Divinity "suffered not"? Am I to sit here and believe that God the Word was in some aloof state of oblivion while His nails were being pierced? Am I to believe that He was feeling bliss while the thorns were pushed into His skull? Am I to believe that thousands of children...
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    Apologies to ozgeorge and others

    I was going to do this via private message, but I couldn't due to various...cough, "technical" reasons. ;) I just wanted to offer my apologies to ozgeorge, greekischristian, cleveland, and others who were offended by my slur against Greeks.  That was wrong and disrespectful of me.  :-[ I also...
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    Thoughts on "American" Orthodoxy

    It is a day off.  I have nothing to do.  So I am going to take this time to jabber away about my thoughts on the so-called "American" Orthodoxy movement.... I believe the movement to start an "American" Orthodox Church is based on a false premise.  This premise is that the Church is supposed to...
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    Proof-text for Pre-existence?

    I believe the doctrine of the Pre-existence of Souls was condemned at Constantinople II in 553 (by the way, has the OO Church ever condemned this doctrine?). But, for the first time in my life ( :-[) I've been reading the deutero-canonicals. Right now I'm at the...
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    What kind of theologian are you?

    Take this test and see which theologian you most resemble: http://quizfarm.com/test.php?q_id=44116   I am Paul Tillich (73%)
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    That's it.....I'm going Trad!

    Dear Friends,     I think I've about had enough with irreverence and innovations in the Antiochian Liturgy.  Let me describe to you an experience at Liturgy yesterday:  The Priest usually gives teh announcements after the "dismissal".  This time, the choir came downstairs to sing some cheesy...
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    Can God inspire forgeries?

    A question that has continually bugged me:  Is it possible for a book of the Bible to be both authored by a person who really isn't the one he/she claims to be and be Divinely inspired?  For example, what if the author of Corinthians wasn't really St. Paul?  Could it nonetheless be Divinely...