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  1. Richmond

    If a bishop falls into heresy

    1. How would the faithful recognize it? 2. What would be an appropriate response? Change jusrisdiction? Confront the errant bishop? Something else?
  2. Richmond


    Why don't we have them? Is it just because bishops were around before vice-presidents? Is there a canonical reason not to have them?
  3. Richmond

    For the repose of Jack

    I found out my neighbour Jack died on Wednesday. It was completely unexpected and his family could use some prayers.
  4. Richmond

    What to do with Romans 13?

    Mostly the part about being subject to "the ruling authorities" I've always heard this to mean to obey the laws of the land. The sticking point is what happens when the king or emperor or president whatever gives orders that are immoral or just plain idiotic? 1. If it's wrong to disobey the...
  5. Richmond

    What exactly is prayer?

    I've never been able to get my head around the whole prayer thing. --What exactly is prayer? --What are we supposed to do with it? --If it's supposed to be communication, should we expect an answer? --Why pray? I can't promise I won't think of other questions as this thread progresses.
  6. Richmond

    Parable of the talents

    What is the Orthodox church's understanding of the parable of the talents?
  7. Richmond

    For mercy

    Please pray that I will be allowed an end to my nightmare.
  8. Richmond

    Unforgivable sins?

    Which ones? How would I know if I did one?
  9. Richmond

    Satan's sin

    What exactly was Satan's sin, and why is it so unforgivable? The story makes it sound like he sinned by trying to become more than he was created to be. Does this mean that self-improvement is an unforgivable sin?
  10. Richmond

    Running out of faith

    Have any of you simply run out of faith? If so, were you able to find more, and how?
  11. Richmond

    Why does God never answer prayers?

    I have only made one simple request that has fallen on deaf ears
  12. Richmond


    How do we know what, if anything, waits for us after we die? I've been considering all the possible scenarios, and most of them sound simply awful. heaven - being there with the same people as on earth. What's to keep us from being at each other's throats after a million years or so? hell -...
  13. Richmond

    Does God play favourites?

    What exactly does it mean that "God is no respecter or persons"? Looking at how the world works, it would appear that God does indeed play favourites in favour of extremely evil people. Thoughts?
  14. Richmond

    Difficulties with Prayer

    I've been having a lot of difficulty with prayer for some time now, and was hoping someone here might have some ideas. --Finding a few minutes here or there doesn't seem to be the issue. --I have a prayer book with prayers that seem to express well what I think I should pray --However, the...
  15. Richmond

    May have found the problem

    Apparently depression and anxiety are sins We are told not to worry or despair, but that is exactly what anxiety and depression are. Looks like the punishment for depression and anxiety is more of the same.
  16. Richmond

    Does God really love everyone

    or are there just some people chosen to suffer for God's entertainment? I ask because I can see no purpose or anything good in my life. Every time things start to look just a little up, it all comes crashing down. I come home to endless nagging and verbal and psychological abuse, I'm more alone...
  17. Richmond

    Was Orthodoxy a mistake?

    Maybe not for you, but I can't seem to shake this thought. Right now I am about as lonely as it gets. Stuck in a marriage to a hostile atheist who hates everything about me. I would simply pack up and leave, but I'm not sure if even this would help me break free of my loneliness. Say I meet...
  18. Richmond


    I learned earlier that both of my parents are scheduled for surgery this week, with my mother to undergo a particularly scary operation. Thank you in advance for your prayers.
  19. Richmond

    When God seems far away

    Not sure if Faith Issues is the best place for this, but here goes: For some time, maybe the last year or so, maybe longer, it has seemed as if God has disappeared completely. Mostly in the form of a lot of difficulties in life. I hear this happens to nearly all Christians, so I was curious...