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  1. Setna

    Losing Trust

    Please pray for me. Over the last month or so a series of events and blows have lessened my trust in God (which was weak, to begin with). I am in a pit and do not know how to get out. Please pray for my weak faith and trust in God and that I may grow in these things despite my worries and anxieties.
  2. Setna

    Archpriest Fr. Arsanios Wadded martyred while giving alms to a man.

    Lord have mercy and grant forgiveness and understanding to the murderer. This has been the normal in Egypt for many years but recently it has calmed down a bit. It's heart breaking to see this happen again. I pray it does not set off a new wave of murder and persecution for Copts...
  3. Setna

    For my Friend Jessica and her situation.

    Please pray for my friend Jessica. She has had a few horrible months and difficult situations, most notably the deteriorating health of her mother. she is usually a very loving and caring friend, who is deeply empathetic. however, during a recent conversation, she has stated that she no longer...
  4. Setna

    Pray for me and a friend!

    please pray for me and a very dear friend of mine as we are currently in the middle of a fight and are not talking to each other at this moment. I have realized that I am at fault in this situation even though I perceived an artificial distancing between the both of us on their end. please pray...
  5. Setna

    Pray for my Friend who left the Faith

    This is my first time posting on this forum and I thought the first thing to do was to ask for everyone's prayers for a very dear and important friend of mine. Please pray for my friend Chrystalla, who grew up in the Orthodox church but has since left and that God my heal our tenuous/failing...