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  1. Justinian Edward Wessex

    Poll: Orthodoxy ... How Long?

    Just an exercise in curiosity. Feel free to comment as well.
  2. Justinian Edward Wessex

    Poll: For Married Members

    Just an exercise in curiosity. Feel free to comment as well.
  3. Justinian Edward Wessex

    Relatives on a dark path ... I plead for your prayers.

    I found out that relatives of mine are in a very dark place. After over a decade of marriage they have invited another couple into the hedge of their marriage. They have entered what he calls a "polyamorous" relationship. My parents both talked to them. I talked to him, after receiving guidance...
  4. Justinian Edward Wessex

    Newborn Nephew fever NICU

    I ask all for your God pleasing prayers for my newborn nephew. He is running a high fever and is being transported from our town to a larger one to a NICU.
  5. Justinian Edward Wessex

    Public Domain Orthodox Prayers

    This is my first post on the forum. I have been following though for some time now and am very grateful for the wealth of knowledge. I have searched the forum for a while and cannot find what I am looking for so i decided to post a new thread. I am looking for Orthodox prayers whose...