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  1. tqw1171

    Why isn't the forum domain in HTTPS?

    Hello everyone! I may not post here but I have never forgotten about this place, and never will given to how much it helped me in my spiritual journey, I returned here being welcomed to the new forum layout, but, why is the domain still not HTTPS? simple question!
  2. tqw1171

    Planning to change my OC.net Email address, will anything happen?

    Just a pretty quick question, I am going to change my OC.net Email address but I once saw some messages saying that it had to be approved by moderators, or that the account would stay stuck for weeks, if I change my current email to a new one, what exactly will happen? will it just be a quick...
  3. tqw1171

    Learning Romanian on Duolingo

    How easy is it for a native Portuguese speaker like me to learn Romanian? I'm currently learning Italian and for some reason I find Romanian easier to read than Italian. I'm also part Romanian and I was always interested into Romania, despite Brazil having a very small Romanian immigrant community.
  4. tqw1171

    Do any Protestants still post here?

    I'm a Protestant who sympathizes with both Anabaptism and Oriental Orthodoxy, particularly the Ethiopian Church hence my avatar, I no longer post or read here as much as I used to, but I have still not forgotten about it! Regardless of the topic of religion, something that I love about OC.net...
  5. tqw1171

    Thoughts / Theories on Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining?"

    Followup: Just noticed that Rob Ager was already linked by Eamonomae on the thread, my bad, I apologize for my laziness. For more than one year, my life literally revolved around this single movie and watching this guy's videos, til this day I am not sure as to why I became addicted to The...
  6. tqw1171

    Thoughts / Theories on Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining?"

    Ah, The Shining conspiracies, my old friend, we meet again 7 years later, this entire thread reminds me of my early teenage years from 2011-2013, I was absolutely obsessed with conspiracy theories surrounding The Shining, my 14-year-old brain watching these videos thought it was a literal...
  7. tqw1171

    Sources for Oriental Orthodox Studies

    Ethiopian icons are by far the most beautiful!
  8. tqw1171

    Sources for Oriental Orthodox Studies

    Any good sources for Ethiopian Orthodoxy?
  9. tqw1171

    At least 140 dead in attacks on Sri Lanka churches, hotels

    Lord have mercy, all of his servants who perished are right now resting in the arms of Christ. Edit: Death toll risen to more than 290.
  10. tqw1171

    Has anyone here ever considered moving to Ethiopia/Egypt/Armenia, etc?

    Ethiopia?, yes! But their current status with Protestantism/Islam/Schisms made me doubt it.
  11. tqw1171

    Sexual Abuse of 1000+ People by 301 Catholic Priests in PA

    I am not sure as to where the RCC is going to after this.
  12. tqw1171

    The universe in a billion years from now disproves the second coming of Christ?

    Thank you for your replies! Quick unrelated question, without escaping from the topic, since I am not here for a long time and do not understand OC.net subculture, why do people make fun of Alpha60 sometimes?, does he writes a lot? I remember reading somewhere that someone wrote "the Alpha60...
  13. tqw1171

    The universe in a billion years from now disproves the second coming of Christ?

    Were you being serious there?, sorry if I am being rude, too :'(
  14. tqw1171

    The universe in a billion years from now disproves the second coming of Christ?

    That is sadly how I look at the majority of the Bible. Well, I guess that should contact AnswersInGenesis for help, then.
  15. tqw1171

    The universe in a billion years from now disproves the second coming of Christ?

    Well, this is the answer I would get if I asked this in an evangelical apologetics blog on YouTube.
  16. tqw1171

    The universe in a billion years from now disproves the second coming of Christ?

    Since february that I do not post anything in here, but I believe that this will get more answers perhaps in OC.net than where I posted it at first (I am doing a direct copy and paste of my question), I am not sure where to find some christian answers to this issue, Orthodox or not, and to be...
  17. tqw1171

    Metal and Rock Thread

    Well, reading some bands recommended in here so far, this is exactly what I would imagine to read in a Metal thread on a Christian forum :D, reminds me of Steven Anderson commenting about Eagles of Death Metal, rare but great to see Bathory and KPN be mentioned in here. I was not aware that...
  18. tqw1171

    Anyone following up on the World Cup?

    Same, I was not expecting it, but we can still cheer on for Brazil though, that is a bonus of being brazilian Also congrats for Russia winning against Spain!
  19. tqw1171

    The origins of "Protestant minimalism?"

    I believe it was I, Pastor Young!, heh.
  20. tqw1171

    Anyone know Ahmed Deedat?

    Yes, I heard, the consensus is that he was indeed a historical person, but some historical aspects are dubious, overall, let us avoid creating our own christian equivalent of the "X Religious Figure Myth" theory. In a certain way, it is.