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    Account deletion

    I understand that account deletions are not generally done, but could an exception be made? I likely would have never made an account or even had inclination to post if I had realized that both the account and the posts themselves could not be deleted at my discretion. I find this rather...
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    Creation poll

    I understand that this may be annoying of me given that there is already a pinned poll about this, but I find the option "both metaphorically and literally" to be far too vague, and given that this was the majority answer chosen, I'd like to retry this poll in the hope of gaining a more precise...
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    Psalter translations

    I am contemplating which Psalter I'd like to use going forward. I have more or less narrowed it down to three choices but I am open to any suggestions. I've ruled out the Psalter for Prayer, the Ancient Faith Psalter, and the Dormition Monastery Psalter for various reasons. 1. Stick with the...