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    "strict fast"

    may seem like a silly question but... what exactly does it mean if a day on the calendar is delineated as a "strict fast" day, versus a regular fasting day? D
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    Reading Church Slavonic

    Hi all, I put this under Liturgy because it's a concern that has arisen for me during liturgy... Does anyone know of any online resources (or good books out there) for learning to read Slavonic, or more specifically to pronounce it via the Slavonic (i.e. not Western) alphabet? Every once in a...
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    "If media personalities were Orthodox."

    Got this on an email list, it's pretty funny... D "If media personalities were Orthodox." > Here is an attempt at a bit of humor, > although I'm not sure most will "get" or even > recognize some of these "new-style type" quotes. > > If comic Jerry Seinfeld were Orthodox: > > "And what's the...
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    Prayers for my move

    Hey all, So the time has FINALLY come...tomorrow I am MOVING HOME! moving out of NYC for good and back home to live with my family! I am all done w/ school, and today I am packing all day and then tomorrow afternoon I'm GOIN HOME! YAY! please pray that it all goes smoothly tomorrow - I don't...
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    Harry Potter thread with SPOILERS

    OK I actually have a moment or 2, so I'm gonna start this thread up now... One final warning...this thread contains SPOILERS (i.e. reveals the twists in plot, etc.) for the Harry Potter books, specifically Book #6...read on if you dare ;D So, for me, the shock at the end...
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    Icon of St. Varus

    does anybody know where i could buy an icon of St. Varus (feast day October 19, new calendar)? i could only find one image of an icon of him, from oca.org, but i am interested in any other depictions of him, and any place online where i could purchase an icon of him. i searched all the usual...
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    Prayers for a job

    Dear Friends, Last week I applied for a job back home, which I really want to get for when I move home in August - it is at the public library in my town. I am interested in becoming a librarian, and getting this job would be a great first step. Please pray that it is God's will that I get this...
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    "A Casualty on Romania's Road Back from Atheism"

    July 3, 2005 A Casualty on Romania's Road Back From Atheism By CRAIG S. SMITH TANACU, Romania - It started with laughter in this land of haystacks and horse carts and new churches, whose zinc-clad steeples glint in the sun. Just weeks after 23-year-old Maricica Irina Cornici moved in January...
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    http://www2.orthodoxwiki.org/Main_Page anybody here heard of this site or frequented it before?
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    prayers for 3 month old baby

    Dear Friends, A family from my church is presently in China, and the couple's 3 month old baby is suffering from something which is making it so his blood won't clot. The hospital they are at in China is international and is the best there, and the child is getting very good care, but the...
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    prayer for humility

    does anyone know any Orthodox prayers for humility? i am looking for something longer than the Jesus prayer or the prayer of the publican (God, be merciful to me, a sinner) or the prayer of St. Ephraim, if possible. thanx! In Christ, Donna Mary
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    ""Relations with Non-Orthodox -- Looking to the Future"

    Hi all, here is an interesting article i thought people here might be interested in, since many of us are OCA. In Christ, Donna Mary *** http://www.orthodoxytoday.org/articles5/OCAOutNCC.php OrthodoxyToday.org Commentary on social and moral issues of the day Orthodox Church in America (OCA)...
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    interesting list...

    i got this from a friend, who in turn got it somewhere on the internet...food for thought... 1. You can't be anything you want to be. Not even if you work hard and put your mind to it. You can be what God made you to be. 2. Perception is not reality. Image is not reality. Reality is reality...
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    something to lighten the mood...

    found this and thought i would share, in hopes that it might lighten mood around here a bit (not implying that the things being debated and discussed are not important, mind you) - please read and enjoy (i hope) :) Common Thought about Unusual Objects   1. The easiest way to find something...
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    language questions

    i have a few questions for the greek speakers/studiers on the forum... "polychronion" - what exactly does this word mean? i know what it refers to in the liturgy, and i know "poly" means more than one, and "chron" is like chronological...is this a fancy way of saying "many years"? and if so, is...
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    Happy Birthday, Ebor!

    rather surprised this hasn't been said here yet... HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY EBOR! May God Grant You Many Years! In Christ, Donna Mary :)
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    Your Conscience in Roman Catholicism

    Christ is Risen! Hey all - I have a question regarding the RCC that came up last night in a discussion I was having with my good friend who is RC. He went to Jesuit elementary, middle and high school, and he said that all throughout his schooling his teachers taught him that the RCC teaches...
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    My Chrismation

    Christ is Risen!!!!! :) hi all :) im back from my internet fast, which was extremely helpful and healthful and rewarding, i must say. i humbly request your prayers - i am being received into the Church on May 15th before the Liturgy that morning. please pray for me, that my level of...
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    internet fast

    my dear friends of oc.net, as my very first Great Lent begins, i realize i need to focus on some things i have been neglecting due to my amount of time on the internet, as well as the nature of AIM and message boards. as a result, i will be fasting from all internet but my 2 email accounts...
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    Psalm 136 (or 137)

    Lament over the Destruction of Jerusalem 1  By the rivers of Babylon--         there we sat down and there we wept         when we remembered Zion. 2  On the willows there         we hung up our harps. 3  For there our captors         asked us for songs,     and our tormentors asked for...