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    Pastor apologizes for Halloween tract

    Even in a remote part of our remote country, Chick tracts have a strong following. My evangelical friends would point to me the "evil" of the liturgical churches by citing one of these tracts as if its part of the scriptures. Wouldn't it be better if they would read first the Church Fathers than...
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    Study predicts religion will be extinct in nine countries

    dont mind the survey,the gospel stated it clearly: "Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold(Matthew 24:12),..remember...
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    Conversions in Philipines

    Joseph Aniceto was officially excluded from ROCOR missions in the Philippines. That leads to more questions and blank walls of silence. Hope the ROCOR mission moves fast toward North of the Philippines. Its indeed a vast mission area, and the grains are ready for harvest. Lets pray for...
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    Car bomb at Coptic Church in Alexandria kills at least 21

    The Lord knows how to deal with the perpetrators of this incident.His work cannot be stopped-the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church.May the lives and examples of these new martyrs inspire us to persevere in the faith.Have mercy upon us Lord...
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    Conversions in Philipines

    im happy that sohma hatori has found a more stable home in the EP.May the grace of our Lord Jesus be always with him. Im just sad that the question of territorial jurisdiction really left a bittter taste in the mouth.To those who are contemplating to make the big jump to orthodoxy from what...
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    Conversions in Philipines

    great photos, especialy the complete one on the tube.the Lord has done great things for the orthodox church in the philippines. I hope the davao vicariate can upload some of their photos too. great news indeed. Congratulations!!
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    Conversions in Philipines

    By the way, philip xavier, are you a cathecumen?  ;D well not as of this moment. in my heart i'm orthodox.i still belong to what orthodox christians would call uncanonical convergence churches.I started being an inquirer in the EP last year but it did not flourish for some reason but the call...
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    Conversions in Philipines

    ] I'm sad to hear that are such a problems in Philippines. Orthodoxy is such a nice and wonderful faith. Trust in God, am pray to him, He is the solution for all world problems. There really seems to be a problem between the EP and the Antiochian Orthodox church's presence in the Philippines...