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    Russian Orthodox Icons

    Guys, do you know where I can get a glimpse of Russian Orthodox icons ala http://orthodoxicon.org? I'd like to copy some for my keeping. The Russian ones (especially those made at Sofrino) are fantastic!
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    Studies in Australia

    to those in Australia (and especially Perth :D), i'll be coming to Perth for further studies in July 2008. I've applied to all universities there except UWA and Notre Dame and from the looks of it, I'll probably end up in Edith Cowan University. I know its not the best, but it seems to be one...
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    Should the Western Rite of Antioch and Russia have a common liturgy?

    I've merged these two topics together. - Cleveland, Global Moderator I've had this playing in my mind for quite sometime... Seeing that both Antioch and ROCOR have a Western Rite provision, I think that both Antioch and ROCOR should have a common liturgy. While being under the pastoral care of...
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    Should the WR come up with their own liturgy?

    I've followed the story of the Western Rite with great interest. In fact, it was through my friend who became Orthodox via the Western Rite who told me about it. I've taken some free time to glance (glance... not study) both the Divine Liturgies of Ss. Tikhon and Gregory. Loved it. One thing...
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    Teach me prayers in Arabic

    Hey there... Is there anyone can help me with Arabic? I'm not exactly an Arab but I just love it when prayers are said in Arabic. The least I'd love to have is to at least learn how to pray some common prayers (from the Divine Liturgy, Matins, Vespers etc) in Arabic. Is there anyone?
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    Orthodox and Nuclear War/Weapons

    What do the Orthodox have to say about Nuclear Wars and Nuclear Weapons? I hope I didn't raise up a sensitive issue here. I'm really curious to know, thats all.
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    Hello from Malaysia

    Christ is in our midst!!! Hello from Malaysia!!! I'm Collin Michael Nunis. I'm Portuguese-Eurasian on my dad's side and Chinese on my mom's side. I'm a 21-year old IT student from Malaysia who's a "drifting Catholic" and has eventually found his footsteps to Eastern Orthodoxy. I've been reading...