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    Mother given one month to live

    I am sick to the stomache, I need your prayers again. My mother is in a lot of trouble again, a dozen brain lesions have turned up, in the middle of whole brain radiation to control them....I know that is a really bad move. Doctors don't have hope at all, 3 months maybe, Christmas if we are...
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    Prayers for letting go...

    To trust God, to stop believing I know what is best because I have always been wrong. Prayer to love my enemies who used to be my best friends, why is this line always so blurred and so painful. They prosper and my pit keeps getting deeper and darker. I am tired and I am exhausted and I just...
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    Mother given one month to live

    I just want to wish everyone on this forum a blessed New Year. I want to say Thank you for your prayers and kind words.They meant so much during that black period. Prayers work, God does listen As for an update, she has completed the radiation approximately 20 days ago, all was well during...
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    For the victims of the terror attack in Australia

    Memory Eternal, Lord have Mercy. This is my city and I am devastated. Both victims will be eternal heroes may God give their families peace and closure. I was also upset that the wife of the terrorist was Greek Orthodox and had converted to Islam, I feel for her family, they should not pay for...
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    Please pray for my husband

    Lord have Mercy
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    For the handmaid of God Kristin

    Lord have Mercy
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    MEG scan next week.

    Lord have mercy
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    Prayers on surgery (update)

    Lord have Mercy
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    Biopsy on Friday to rule out Esophageal Cancer.

    Lord Have Mercy. I called upon desperately the intercessions of St Luke the Surgeon on Saturday night as my mother was having a crisis and I just lost in. I believe he responded quickly, she woke up on Sunday a different person and I bought her home yesterday. Please St Luke continue to...
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    Baby Quill has brain tumor

    Glory to God, Lord have mercy
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    Mother given one month to live

    Thank you everyone, a little step at a time, the surgery seems to have gone well, just recovering. thank you and God bless you all. Xoxoxo
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    Mother given one month to live

    I know I have my mothers forgiveness, it's God's I am not that sure off, all she asked that if her time came that she would go peacefully, never like this, but I do feel something good will come of all of this, there is a huge lesson for me to learn,she is responding well to the hormone tablets...
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    Prayers, please

    Lord have mercy
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    Mother given one month to live

    She will be going into surgery on Monday to remove the brain tumour which they are positive is a metastasis, if this God willing goes well then this will get rid of her symptoms and give her some quality in life for however long God is willing, I have faith that things will be alright,  the...
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    Please pray for my husband

    Lord have mercy
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    Please pray for my husband

    Lord have mercy
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    For my wife

    Lord have mercy
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    Mother given one month to live

    Continued prayers please, The only good news we have at the moment is that the breast cancer is highly hormone sensitive which can be treated with tablets at home, it has spread, I am not delusional that she will be cured, if the  single brain tumor is removed, which is what is giving her the...