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  1. peterfarrington

    British Orthodox Vagante Church

    I am sad to see that the "British Orthodox Church" has gone into full vagante mode and now has... 1 Patriarch, 2 Bishops, 1 Priest and 1 Deacon. The bishops assistant, has now been made a third bishop - again without the participation of three bishops - and has the right to succeed as the...
  2. peterfarrington

    Fast of Nineveh

    The Coptic Orthodox, Syrian Orthodox and Church of the East keep the Fast of Nineveh for 3 days in the period before Great Lent, and it was introduced into Egypt through the influence of Syrian Patriarchs of Alexandria. Do the Armenians know this Fast?
  3. peterfarrington

    No polemics - Rules

    I have re-read the rules for this forum, and I will apply them in the future, even though it is hard because I am also participating in the discussion. But rule #1 for discourse here is that non-OO don't get to come to this area of the site and call OO heretics. It makes conversation...
  4. peterfarrington

    Wearing hats in the Liturgy

    I'm interested in the use of priestly headgear in the Church. I have read Ramz Mikhail's excellent paper on the subject, and it seems that priests only began to wear hats under Syrian influence in the Monastery of the Syrians in the 11th/12th century and it spread from there, at first being...
  5. peterfarrington

    Non-Alcoholic Communion wine

    I'm interested in knowing to what extent this has become normal in the Coptic Orthodox Church, and if it is a practice in other OO churches.
  6. peterfarrington

    Orthodox-Pentecostal Leader's Ecumenical meeting

    I was very pleased to be able to participate in the Orthodox-Pentecostal Leader's Ecumenical meeting which took place at the Coptic Centre, Stevenage in the UK yesterday, 6th June. The meeting brought together many senior leaders of the Pentecostal communities in the UK, especially from the...
  7. peterfarrington

    Eastern Orthodox joining Syrian Orthodox

    If an EO were to seek to join the Syrian Orthodox Church what would be the usual procedure? Reception by communion, anointing for reconciliation, chrismation?
  8. peterfarrington

    Modern transgender identity issues

    I am interested in thinking through my response to the modern and mostly anti-Christian and anti-Traditional issue of transgenderism. Not even so much thinking of those who have surgery but those who wish to identify themselves as that which they are not. My view is probably that much of the...
  9. peterfarrington

    European Coptic Clergy Conference in Venice

    I was very fortunate to attend the European Coptic Clergy Conference in Venice over a number of days last week. There were more than 10 bishops from Europe, 150+ priests and monks, and some laity and priest's wives, and course His Holiness Pope Tawadros. I'll be publishing a full report on this...
  10. peterfarrington

    Armenian question - Palm Sunday

    Does anyone know if the Armenian services for Palm Sunday are available in English anywhere? A friend needs a text as i think he hopes to attend that day.
  11. peterfarrington

    Adoption of children

    Does anyone know if the Coptic Orthodox have just issued some ruling on the adoption of children? Some are saying it has been banned, but this can surely only apply in Egypt based on specific circumstances there?
  12. peterfarrington

    Early Christian Archaeology in Britain Conference 2015

    I am organising this conference with colleagues at the University of Winchester. If you are interested, and it should be a great day, then please visit the Conference site and register as a participant.
  13. peterfarrington

    Orthodox Movies/Films

    I'm interested in showing a movie as a missionary activity. Can folk recommend possible suggestions, in English. Must be of great quality.
  14. peterfarrington

    Combined Eastern/Oriental Orthodox Bible Study

    Joint Eastern/Oriental Orthodox Bible Study On Tuesday, 26th August, at the Orthodox Church of the Holy Resurrection at Dresden, a joint evening of Prayer and Bible Study will take place including the members of the Antiochian Orthodox community of St Michael and the British Orthodox community...
  15. peterfarrington

    The Prayer of the Heart

    Here's a piece I wrote a little while ago... Let us now consider together the unceasing prayer of the heart which is the object of Orthodox spirituality, representing as it does that perpetual living in the presence of God which is our life and salvation. Within Orthodoxy the heart is the place...
  16. peterfarrington

    Orthodox Christology

    A new, second edition, of this collection of papers by Father Peter Farrington of the British Orthodox Church within the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate is now available for purchase as a paperback. This new edition contains additional papers, and one paper which has never been published elsewhere...
  17. peterfarrington

    Sponsored 24 Hour Fast for Syria

    Dear friends, I can't do much, but I feel I must do something. So today I am fasting for 24 hours to try to raise donations to be used in supporting those directly affected by the situation in Syria. You can find information on this page and the means of making a donation. Please, even £1 or...
  18. peterfarrington

    The Orthodox Way of Prayer

    The Orthodox Way of Prayer is a study programme being used in the mission of the British Orthodox Church. It has successfully been used to describe and introduce our Orthodox spiritual tradition to Orthodox, Orthodox enquirers and ecumenical participants. Three further presentations of this...
  19. peterfarrington

    Developing a Prayer Rule

    Some people might find this interesting or useful. It's part of a programme I am using in missionary work around the UK.
  20. peterfarrington

    Papers on some Orthodox topics..

    RECENTLY PUBLISHED ARTICLES BY FATHER PETER FARRINGTON Just a reminder of the articles published online over the last week at An Orthodox Priest blog. Your support of this ministry is important. 1. Natural disasters in the Sixth Century Chronicle of Pseudo-Joshua. 2. An Introduction to the...