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    If You Need To Talk...

    I covet everyone's prayers. I desperately need them. But I just wanted to let people know that if you ever need a non-judgmental listening ear, or if you have a prayer request, or if you just need some good conversation, please PM me and I will be happy to talk to anyone at anytime. I know it...
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    Saint Oscar Romero Movie

    The movie, Romero, about Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador is now streaming for free on Amazon Prime. It's a wonderful film starring Raul Julia. Oscar Romero was martyred for the Faith in 1980, shot dead as he was celebrating Mass. He was recently canonized by the Roman Catholic Church. One...
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    Ravi Zacharias: Rest In Peace  Prayers for the repose of Ravi Zacharias. He was a brilliant man and a deeply skilled Christian apologist. However, he was a flawed and fallible man like all of us. It saddened me that as much as...
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    Russia’s New Orthodox Military Mega-Church

    "The walls of Russia’s new Orthodox cathedral dedicated to the Armed Forces will be decorated with the faces of President Vladimir Putin, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Soviet leader Josef Stalin, the MBKh News website reported Friday."...
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    A Question About Palamite Theology

    I'm a simple man who looks for simple explanations. So can someone give me a very concise explanation or analogy of the essence/energies distinction? I like the analogy of the iron in the fire. That makes perfect sense to me. But my main question is whether or not God's attributes can be...
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    Ethiopia's Lost Armenian Community

    Very cool! I did not know about this. Letter from Africa: Ethiopia's lost Armenian community (BBC News) Selam
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    Rush Limbaugh has Advanced Stage Lung Cancer

    I’m surely about to lose some cool points here, but that’s okay. I don’t base my tastes and opinions on what’s fashionable or popular. I like what I like for the reasons I choose, without apology. So here goes…  I like Rush Limbaugh. I always have. I am, in fact, a fan. That doesn’t mean I...
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    Podcast Discussion on "That All Shall Be Saved" by David Bentley Hart

    This blew me away. Fantastic discussion on David Bentley Hart's new book, That All Shall Be Saved. So refreshing to hear brilliant insights discussed with humility, objectivity, and a sincere desire to grapple with the truth. I'm sure I'll be revisiting this quite often...
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    Do We Go To Heaven When We Die?

    Without getting into the Toll Houses controversy, I need some specific Orthodox teaching about whether or not Orthodox Christians go to heaven when they die. I am aware that there is little if any biblical support for the idea, and that the Orthodox view seems to promote the idea of soul sleep...
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    Robert Mugabe Has Passed Away

    The death of any human being always saddens me. I shall never rejoice in the death of another, regardless of how evil or unjust they may be. Robert Mugabe was a controversial figure, to say the least. He will be remembered by many as a revolutionary figure who led Zimbabwe to independence from...
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    As I commemorate the 50 year anniversary of Woodstock, let me be clear: it was by no means three days of Utopia. Woodstock was accompanied by adversities, struggles, temptations, sins, and failures. The masses that gathered had to confront inclement weather, food shortages, organizational chaos...
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    Depression and Mental Illness

    One of the worst things about depression is that other people – even those closest to us – judge us and assume that we should be able to function “normally” just as they do. People suffering from anxiety, insomnia, depression, and other mental illnesses may look quite healthy on the outside...
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    For Hank Hanegraaff

    Please keep Hank Hanegraaff in your prayers as he courageously battles cancer. I've decided to take down most of the original post because it was a complete copy of a post from a third party Facebook page.  The page in question belongs to Frederica Mathewes-Green, for those who are curious.  In...
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    My Review of the Movie, "Unplanned"

    I just returned from seeing the movie, Unplanned, and I will attempt to provide a few thoughts while they are still fresh in my mind. First of all, I rejoice that this movie was made, because it tackles the issue of abortion from an honest and realistic perspective that won’t be found in a...
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    Man Embarks on Beer Only Fast for Lent Selam
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    "The Trump Prophecy"

    This is so ridiculous that it deserves its own thread of mockery. Thank God for the sanity displayed in the Youtube comments section. My favorite comment was: "This movie will be shown nationwide on two special dates so both people can see it."...
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    How do I receive funds sent to my "Go Fund Me" account?

    I recently set up a Go Fund Me account. I noticed that someone sent me some money, but I don't have a credit card or a bank account, so I don't know how to receive the funds. Can anyone give me some instructions on this matter? Thanks very much. Selam
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    Beyonce Mass Why study the prophets and saints and martyrs when you have Beyonce?! Selam
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    An Abusive Baptism

    This seems like child abuse to me. I can't believe that this is considered to be an acceptable form of baptism. This infant was put in harm's way. So much could have easily gone wrong. It seems like this priest was trying to show off, and it really disturbs me. And it certainly doesn't reflect...
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    The Embryo in Orthodox Christian Theology and Tradition

    Excellent article by Metropolitan Nikolas Hatzinikolaou: Selam