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  1. trevor72694

    Major life change

    Hi, all. I'm not as active here anymore, but wanted to post and ask for prayers. Lately I've found that the power of prayer is true and helpful. After finishing my masters degree and working in my field for a few years, I took a step back and realized I was very unhappy. After a lot of...
  2. trevor72694

    Has anyone done one of those ethnicity/ancestry DNA tests?

    I got my results today.  Not what I thought - I expected to have a full quarter of German ancestry.  I'm not surprised by the trace of Scandinavian, but the trace of Iberian surprises me very much.  My mother is going to take it next!  I did AncestryDNA, though other services offer this. ...
  3. trevor72694

    Byzantine Catholicism in Slovakia

    Hi, all. I'm interested in any information you might have on Byzantine Catholicism in Slovakia.  My great grandparents were from Jastrabie, Slovakia, and raised my grandfather a Byzantine Catholic.  He even made the sign of the cross the way Orthodox do! My great grandparents were married in...
  4. trevor72694

    Struggling with disbelief

    Hi, all. I've been a committed Atheist for a little over a year.  I have been to Church a few times lately and have reassembled my icon corner in my apartment.  I want to believe so badly like I used to.  I was once overly zealous and pretty pretentious in my approach to faith.  I just want to...
  5. trevor72694

    Would you attend an RC university over a secular one?

    I'm interested to know if you would choose to attend a secular school over a Roman Catholic school, in a scenario where these are the only options.  As Orthodox Christians, we do not have many schools in this country, so it comes down to the choice between a Christian education and a secular...
  6. trevor72694

    Faith & Mental Illness

    I am interested in the experiences of folks who deal with mental illness, and how it relates to their faith.  I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder (type 2) a few months ago.  It helped me to understand a lot of what I was going through.  (A priest had lead me to believe it was a demon...
  7. trevor72694

    Struggling with disbelief/Atheism

    A little over a year ago I made the decision to stop going to Church all together.  I couldn't work up the courage to go to the Orthodox Church every week, the Catholic Church was too watered-down, and liberal Christianity was just not very appealing.  I've discovered that what kept getting me...
  8. trevor72694

    Fowler's "Stages of Faith"

    My therapist gave me this amazing book - Stages of Faith by an author called Fowler. His book was made into a chart here - Pretty early in the chart we can see the "convertitis" we all know and despise. ...
  9. trevor72694

    Why is the Tzar a saint?

    I always see an icon of the Romanov passion-bearers when I see photographs of Russian monarchists marching and such.  I have an icon of them in my prayer corner that I've had for a long time, though recently I'm hesitant, as I've heard things about them, like that the Tzarina had other lovers...
  10. trevor72694

    Orthodox vs. RC understanding of the Theotokos

    What are the main differences between the Orthodox and Roman Catholic understandings of the Virgin Mary?
  11. trevor72694

    What to do when the zeal wears off?

    Hey, everyone. I tend to turn every post I make into a personal narrative, so I'll spare you all that and keep it as short as I can.  There are some n00bs on OCnet, so for them I'll share that I was chrismated in the Orthodox Church when I was 15, which was nearly 6 years ago.  It was only 6...
  12. trevor72694

    Orthodox view of Tridentine Catholicism

    I was sorely disappointed by what I saw in the novus ordo, when I impulsively decided to join the Roman Catholic Church.  (I have since come back to Orthodoxy, but I'm not active around here much anymore).  After I'd hit my limit with altar girls, communion in glass vessels, and cotton candy...
  13. trevor72694

    Issues with faith that I'm grappling with

    After my very short time in the Roman Catholic Church, and my experiences as I left it, I've become a bit paranoid about the rules and regulations religion imposes on people.  I know it's silly, but I can't shake this feeling.  I'm uncomfortable, at least right now, with a few parts of my...
  14. trevor72694

    I'm really stupid.

    Please pray for me.  I can't get into it here, but I need your prayers. Tikhon/Trevor
  15. trevor72694

    I'm a bit stuck.

    Hello, all.  Recently I made a trip to a monastery.  Some of you know that i carry a pretty heavy cross that I let lead me out of the Church for a time.  At this monastery, I met a pious monk who I had written to before, who also carries this cross.  We talked about it, and he helped me so...
  16. trevor72694

    A predicament with a homeless customer.

    I am employed at a restaurant.  There is a man who comes in around once per week.  He is very obviously homeless, and a regular face at the soup kitchen my Church volunteers at. My manager gives him a free coke once in a while, and I like to buy him a sandwich.  My manager told me tonight...
  17. trevor72694

    An Orthodox Prayer Book by Fr. Michael Monos

    I've just ordered this book.  It looks like an interesting addition to my library.  I also like to keep a few prayer books and icons on hand to give as gifts for when someone enters the Church. Do any of you use this prayer book?  Can you give a review of it...
  18. trevor72694

    I'm having "the talk" with my roommate, and need advise.

    I live in my one room dorm room with another guy.  Things have been going pretty well.  He's from another town and lives there 24/7, and I go home on the weekends. I was hoping to avoid this conversation.  It's literally the thing I'm most afraid about during college.  The "sex in the dorm"...
  19. trevor72694

    How to keep from becoming "lukewarm"

    I was in Church today and the "Luke Warmodox" thread came to mind. Like most of us, when I was a few years younger and just discovering Orthodox Christianity, I was the very definition of "hyperdox" - extremely zealous, naive and pretentious.  I experienced a pretty thorough burn out and return...
  20. trevor72694

    Problems with rage

    Please pray for me. Lately I've had problems with my feelings, especially towards my mother.  I love her, but once in a while she will take out the stress she has about her relationship with her boyfriend on me.  It is very difficult for me, because I can never figure out how I upset her or why...