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    Divorce orthodox vs Catholic

    The Traditional Catholic church has always condemned divorce, do all the  Orthodox allow for divorce? I was told by a greek orthodox priest 1 divorce allowed for fornication .  If this is the case this should be a clear indication that the Orthodox don't have the true faith as there should be no...
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    Catholic vs Orthodox according to St Thomas

    All my quotes will come from St Thomas Aquinas CONTRA ERRORES GRAECORUM For starters should the  the Pope only be considered  as first among equals? It is also shown that the Vicar of Christ has universal jurisdiction over the entire Church of Christ. For it is recorded of the Council of...
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    questions from a catholic for the eastern orthodox

    question 1 I have to go to a baptism at a greek orthodox church, my niece is 7 months old, my question is why do you wait so long to get your babies baptized, do you believe in infant baptism? If yes why not get baptized like the catholics shuld do within the 1st month. Catholics believe if a...
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    Discussion between some different Catholic groups

    [color=green]Split from there - MK. Hi, I'm new to this thread, I'm a sedevacantist Catholic, just started attending a ukranian catholic mass as I feel it's my only option to get a good confession and communion. The mass is said in a language which I don't understand which doesn't matter as I...