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    Church Renovation

    Hey everyone, my small Indian Orthodox Church recently bought an old (1920's ish) Baptist church so that we could finally stop conducting services in rented town halls. Today, after months of design and permit work, we are starting the renovation of the altar area to make it more amenable to...
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    Hypothetical: Church Calendars on Other Worlds

    So I came across this site while surfing the other day and it got me thinking. If (when) humanity settles on another world, be it the Moon or Mars or whatever, how would the Church set up the calendar? Any thoughts?
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    Prayer Service for Martyred Copts

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    Falklands Vote Shows 99.8% Want to Stay British

    Falklands Vote Shows 99.8% Want to Stay British
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    Saint Valentine in the OO Communion

    Is St. Valentine (I'm not sure which one) venerated in any of the OO local churches? I noticed he lived pre-Chalcedon so that got me wondering on the subject.
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    Zenit St. Petersburg Fans Demand All White Team.,-non-gay-team?cc=5901
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    President Obama Visits St. George Orthodox Church, Staten Island, NY