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    Wanna read my blog?

    Hey folks! Anyone else annoyed with constant links to other peoples' blogs?
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    Is corporeal mortification part of Western rite tradition?

    I am going to start off by saying that I know precious little about this. Even Eastern examples. I know St. Seraphim wore a heavy chain constantly. But does the Western rite lay claim to the more western forms of bodily mortification, or is this more a Middle Ages Roman Catholic thing?
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    Hayla Mikael/St Sosimas, Who is this???

    As the title says, who is this??? I know he's connected somehow to the EOTC, but can find nothing else about him.
  4. P, the perfect Oxymoron!!!

    Don't you love to post a question on, a Internet forum for Christian discussion, just to be told you shouldn't be posting questions about the Christian life on the Internet? How perfect!!!  :-\ :-X ::)
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    Paschal Hours Question

    I know that for Bright Week the Paschal Hours replace the usual hours, but what about the mid-hours? Do they stay the same? Are they omitted entirely?
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    Ethiopian Orthodox Sabbath Observance

    Hello my Ethiopian/OO brothers! I read somewhere that the Ethiopian Churches observe Sabbath as well as honor Sunday as the day of Resurrection. Is there anything special that you do for the Sabbath? Is it observed as the Jews observe it? Also on a totally unrelated note: Are there any...
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    Nag Champa Incense

    I purchased some of this incense a couple of days ago because my wife asked me to. She has loved the fragrance of it for years. Upon arriving at home and looking at the box I noticed said: "Satya Sai Baba" on it. Now is this incense made by Sai Baba's ashram, or is it just made in...
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    Ethiopian Orthodox Dietary Laws

    I know that the Ethiopian Church prohibits pork to be eaten, as well as certain laws on how to slaughter animals. Are there any others that I am unaware of? Did these come about because of the Jewish community within Ethiopia?
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    Head Coverings for Men

    I was wondering if within the OO, whether Coptic, or Ethiopian etc. men wore head coverings. I know that this is not generally done during Liturgy, but do men wear them outside of the Church building as a religious observance?
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    Wearing prayer ropes?

    I have seen some people wearing prayer ropes around their necks, and some even have them hanging in a way very reminiscent of Franciscan monks with their rosaries. Is this ever appropriate? Does it really matter one way or the other?
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    What happened to the Law?

    I was reading this: And it brought up some things that I think have not been entirely dealt with. To start, a lot of what this guy says is just plain wrong. However, he talks about the Law in relation to Christianity. How exactly are we to...
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    Tarot and Casting Lots

    This just popped in my head and wanted to know what you guys thought about it. There are many instances in the Scriptures to casting lots. Could the Tarot be seen as a modern form of casting lots?
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    Should we change the name of this forum?

    Since it seems that the only new posting members on this board are trolls, what do you think?
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    Do not suffer a witch...

    I have seen it suggested that the correct interpretation of this passage is "poisoner". Is there any merit to this view? As well, I have seen other verses pertaining to witchcraft, that suggest that black magic is being spoken of, NOT other forms of magic. For those of you with a background in...
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    Urgent prayer needed for seminarian and his family

    My friends (and the Godparents of our daughter) have just found out minutes ago that they lost their daughter who was still in the womb (she was 33 weeks). Please pray for them. They lost the previous child by miscarriage as well, and not three weeks ago learned that their only son is autistic...
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    Saint names for January 21st

    Our daughter will be born c-section, God Willing, on January 21st. Could you guys give me some saint name ideas for females based on the 21st of January?
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    Modern Jurisdictional Heresies

    I am aware of some of the so called heresies within the MP, such as sophianism, and the Name Worshippers on Mt. Athos. What are some other modern heresies from other jurisdictions? Please include any others from Russia as well if you would like.
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    A Fourth Person?

    I read this under the Wisdom Christology thread: How could Sophia understood in this way not be a person? Would it be wrong to honor Sophia if the above is true? Some disagree about the "hereticalness" of Bulgakov on this point. Please point me in the right direction. God Bless!
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    My Safari Browser is Broken...HELP!

    My safari browser is a little wacky. I have an older iBook. On certain sites the links are in blurred vision, and on other sites some of the links don't work, and this doesn't happen on my desktop. Do you Apple savy folks have any ideas?
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    Does anyone know anything about this feast?

    I was reading the Byzantine Ruthenian Typicon the other day, and I will give you a quote: "The devotion to the Sacred Heart is of Western origin and had a reflection in the Eastern Church in its piety toward Jesus as the Lover of Mankind...An alternate, more in keeping with the Byzantine...