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  1. Alveus Lacuna

    Sites of Interest for Orthodox in Los Angeles? (Relics, Architecture, etc.)

    Any pilgrimage sites of interest in the greater LA metro area? Any thing Orthodox or Catholic that is traditional, relics of shared saints, etc. is fine as I know California has a much older history with Catholicism, but many of the cities are consecrated to common saints between the traditions...
  2. Alveus Lacuna

    Church canons regarding remarriage and penance?

    There are canons that address remarried persons as having to repent of the sin of adultery before communion can be received, the main one being Trullo canon 87, where after separating from their illegitimate spouse they are excommunicated for seven years - "He who leaves the wife lawfully...
  3. Alveus Lacuna

    Struggling with the Orthodox / Catholic Schism

    I just don't see any substantial reasons for the divisions anymore. I really don't. But I feel a pressure in Orthodoxy to believe that it alone possesses the "fullness of faith" or whatever. I see the divide between Eastern Orthodox/Oriental Orthodox/Roman Catholicism as basically being churches...
  4. Alveus Lacuna

    My sassiness

    Today I'm super sassy. I got 4 hours of sleep last night and now I'm hurling out the sassiness with a vengeance. Breaking my silence on here with some real wisdom.
  5. Alveus Lacuna

    Is Christian Abstaining/Fasting "Vegan", or rather Kosher category "Pareve"?

    In Christian fasting/abstaining from certain foods, there is a rule of 'no meat', and yet shellfish and sometimes fish are permissible. The other day I was watching an episode of Soul Food on YouTube where they cover being Kosher in L.A.: At the 17:00...
  6. Alveus Lacuna

    Reading the Gospel from the Center of the Church

    The last few weeks the Gospels readings on Sunday have taken place from the middle of the church when the deacon comes out to read. He normally does this from the steps in front of the iconostasis facing the people, but now he is facing the altar from the middle of the church. Is this a...
  7. Alveus Lacuna

    Pilgrimage sites in Ireland and Greece?

    I just found out that we will be spending five days or so in each country this summer. I am wondering about things of religious value which absolutely should not be missed? I know in Ireland we will be in Dublin and in Greece we will be in Athens and Thessaloniki, but right now the rest is still...
  8. Alveus Lacuna

    Universalism in the Orthodox Tradition

    Are there any books that have been written or thorough works that have been done which collect writings surrounding the topic of universal salvation? I'm really thinking of something which catalogs various perspectives, but even works which argue for one thing or another are welcome. Also, and...
  9. Alveus Lacuna

    Is infallibility an Orthodox concept?

    Does the concept of infallibility or any close equivalent appear throughout the history of Orthodoxy, or is it mainly limited to responses to the Latin church and its various Protestant children? I always hear of a kind of locus of truth being around who or what the infallible source of...
  10. Alveus Lacuna

    Black Metal band based specifically around Russian Orthodox aesthetics Polish band called Batushka. I think the intention is blasphemy, but that's not totally clear. The chants sound unaltered to me. Need someone who knows Church Slavonic to listen to the whole thing and tell me if they've altered the...
  11. Alveus Lacuna

    What are those stands for service books called?

    There are all manner of stands for books in Orthodox churches, those Greek spinning things, the double-decker deals to stack the books on, etc. But what are these things called? I was just curious if you wanted something for trying to do readers services at home, if you can get anything like...
  12. Alveus Lacuna

    St. Alexis Toth and Carpatho-Russian Reversions to Orthodoxy

    I am currently trying to learn more about St. Alexis Toth. I seem to remember reading on this forum some years ago that he was a controversial figure. Can anyone post links to more information about him, or in general about the Carpatho-Russians that came to America? I know that St. Alexis and...
  13. Alveus Lacuna

    Can you help me find this exact icon for sale?

    It's St. John of Kronstadt. I've looked all over the internet and can't find it anywhere. I have a small card of it but would like a larger print of it on wood. I can tell it must be from a Russian maker but I can't read the Russian on it. Anybody know anything?
  14. Alveus Lacuna

    Story About Finding of the True Cross Seems Unlikely

    Now that we've gotten past the feast, I have to get something off my chest. If I have the ability to curb something from the outset, I'd like to avoid the fact that: Yes, Orthodoxy is a religion of miracles. I get that. I'm not stupid. And also that: In order to believe most of those miracles...
  15. Alveus Lacuna

    What does the writing on this skull say?

    What does the writing on this skull say?
  16. Alveus Lacuna

    Deacon Joseph Pasquella: An Orthodox Who Became A Catholic - The Journey Home "Deacon Joseph was baptized Catholic, at the insistence of his father, when he little. When he was four, his father died and his mother then brought him up in a Pentecostal Church. Later in life, he was received into the Eastern Orthodox Church. His...
  17. Alveus Lacuna

    Holy Week a Half Day Off?

    I heard somewhere on a podcast that the Holy Week services are basically a half a day early, hence why the passion gospels are on Thursday rather than Friday, Pascha is in the middle of the night instead of Sunday morning, etc. Does anyone know the history of how this came to be if it is true...
  18. Alveus Lacuna

    Synthesizing/Reconciling the Semitic and Greek Views of God; St. John Damascene?

    I seem to recall a reference in the past to St. John of Damascus having a writing which attempts to bridge the gulf between the Greek and Semitic/Jewish/Arab/etc views of God. I can't remember what it is and have been itching to read it lately. Does anybody know where this topic is to be found...
  19. Alveus Lacuna

    Seeking Small/Miniature Lampada

    I am looking for a small lampada to hang in front of an icon of the mystical supper in my dining room. The icon is a decent size, but a "normal" sized lampada is too big for the space. I have on occasion been in people's houses that had a kind of "teacup" or small sized lampada, usually Russian...
  20. Alveus Lacuna

    Oriental Orthodox Jacobite Saint in Eastern/Byzantine Iconographic Style

    There is an icon just put up in my OCA church of a Malankara Indian saint, Saint Geevarghese Mar Gregorios, done in the Greek/Byzantine style. Very unusual but also heartwarming in some ways, depending on how literate you are in the complicated issues involved with such a thing. Strange to see...