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  1. Anastasios

    The Fund Drive

    Friends, Thanks so much to the three people who donated since I added the button. Every bit helps! Between taking down the old version of the site and now (about 2.5 months), we didn't have a donate button. A kind person donated enough to keep us covered during that time. The old site had a...
  2. Anastasios

    Why isn't the forum domain in HTTPS?

    Lack of funds and lack of time for me to configure it. I just added a donate button to the forum--your or anyone else's help is appreciated. As far as the configuration, it's the next thing on the agenda. Thanks for asking!
  3. Anastasios

    Last thing you ate

    A ham and turkey sandwich with cheddar cheese, and a mayonnaise/honey mustard sauce. No vegetables. Ooops.
  4. Anastasios

    Welcome to the new OC.Net

    The more tech-savvy among you will note that links that quote other posts from the old software were converted, but if you see a link that someone copy/pasted that references the old SMF links, they are not forwarding for the most part, but rather go to the forum's index page. Someone wrote a...
  5. Anastasios

    Welcome to the new OC.Net

  6. Anastasios

    Patriarch Filaret of Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Kiev Pat.), who said COVID is punishment for gay marriage, tests positive for COVID.

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes... Prayers for him all the same. Anastasios
  7. Anastasios

    Welcome to the new OC.Net

    Send a private message to Fr. George and myself and we will change it to what you want. Same applies to anyone else over the next 30 days who needs to change their username to what was displayed on the old forum.
  8. Anastasios

    Welcome to the new OC.Net

    It's a trick we implemented to make sure posting volume goes up. Just kidding! :P Will add to the tracker.
  9. Anastasios

    Random Postings

    I am working on some rules that redirect the old forum threads and posts to the new ones. There are quite possibly some bugs in the code. I will keep working on it. Thanks for letting me know.
  10. Anastasios

    Welcome to the new OC.Net

    I hear you. It's very different. Unfortunately, the old system software was just not being supported and developed well enough to keep using it. I mean, it's 2020, and their software was not mobile-ready without massive hacks :( I will miss the look, feel, and user experience of the old forum...
  11. Anastasios

    Welcome to the new OC.Net

    For some reason, some of the avatars carried over, while others did not. We had to make a decision of how much work to do versus how long to keep the site down. We decided to go with bringing it up today, even though some improvements are still ongoing. As far as the look of the site, I...
  12. Anastasios

    Welcome to the new OC.Net

    Thanks, @JTLoganville for the datapoint. While I am not experiencing it myself, we are taking all feedback seriously. I will try to access the forum from a VPN or some other setup to see if I can replicate your experience, as well as looking at the server logs when I get a chance.
  13. Anastasios

    Lenten Theme Is Back

    Hello Everyone, Hope you all are surviving the COVID-19 / Coronavirus situation! With the extra time on my hands, I remade the Lenten theme we used to use on the forum. Hope you enjoy. The last time we implemented it, some users complained about it being hard on their eyes. I have enabled you...
  14. Anastasios

    New Article: Serbian Autocephaly as Paradigm for Canonical Autocephaly

    Friends, here is a new article appearing on the front page of our site. I hope you enjoy it. If discussion becomes spirited, moderators, please feel free to move to another forum. Anastasios...
  15. Anastasios

    testing 1-2-3

    just seeing if things are back in order....  8)
  16. Anastasios

    Glorification of Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Florina

    Dear Friends, Longtime users will notice that I just changed the description under my profile avatar from "Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Florina" to "St. Chrysostomos the New." It is my pleasure to announce to those not familiar with Old Calendarist news that the leader of the main body of Old...
  17. Anastasios

    Metropolitan Anthony (Gavalas) reposed

    Friends, It has come to my attention that Metropolitan Anthony (Gavalas) of New York (GOC-Matthewite, an Old Calendarist Synod) has reposed in the Lord. A well-known figure in Old Calendarist circles, Met. Anthony was a very kind person and a dedicated pastor of his parish in Astoria, NY. He...
  18. Anastasios

    "Donations" Tab Is Restored. Please Donate!

    Greetings, Forum Family! It costs about $40/month to keep this site running, "if all goes well." All extra money collected in the past just stayed put in the PayPal account, and I used it to purchase long-term renewals at discounted rates from time to time. From 2002-2012, I had good personal...
  19. Anastasios

    Server Reprovision Friday 09/25/15

    Friends, Probably next Friday, I am going to bring the site down and completely reprovision the server from's been a long time in coming, but I just haven't had the time to do it. People have kindly offered to help me, but then I haven't had time to train them :(  Sorry about...
  20. Anastasios

    Need Two Member Approver Volunteers

    Greetings Forum Family, We need two people to step up and assist Fr. Nebo (serb1389) with approving new members. Please send Fr. Nebo a PM (NOT ME!--I just don't log in frequently enough to reply in a timely manner!! Sorry!) or reply here. Requirement would be to log in once a day and approve...