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  1. Opus118

    For my brother-in-law Michael

    Please pray for Michael, he was diagnosed with a tumor in his brain (which was immediately treated) and a tumor in his lung (not smoking related).  Also, please pray for my sister Katerina (to help her get through this).
  2. Opus118

    The most unhappy Christians are the Eastern Orthdox

    This type of headline is making the rounds in the news. Example: It is based on a World Bank study that came out about a week ago...
  3. Opus118

    Please pray for my son John

    Please pray for my son John. He is suffering from mental anguish, panic attacks, despair, etc. This has been going on for a couple of weeks now awaiting an appointment opening with his psychiatrist. Last night I could not control his outbursts or calm him down (he weighs almost 200 lbs more than...
  4. Opus118

    For the repose of Mary

    Please pray for my aunt Mary who died this past weekend of old age. May her memory be eternal.
  5. Opus118

    Urantia confirmed by Eastern Orthodoxy

    I ran into this essay about why Eastern Orthodox should accept the Book of Urantia. From my recollection, it is a weird cult, but the argument is made here that we are much closer to the beliefs of Urantians than the Roman Catholic Church. It is actually a pretty good read, better than what the...
  6. Opus118

    Utah Mormons and Protestants are converting to Orthodoxy

    Noticed this today. It is a nice write-up. This is the archived original version which is considerably longer and has pictures:
  7. Opus118

    Al-Azhar and Muslim Council of Elders’ Global Peace Conference

    I have read short articles about this conference for the past month or so. I think it may be a good thing if there is a lot of news coverage. One of the main purposes of Pope Francis's visit to Egypt was to participate in this conference. This aspect is not being covered in the news and I am...
  8. Opus118

    Igpay Atinlay

    Igpay Atinlay ippetsnay omfray apterchay 38 ofway ethay Omostroiday urrentlycay inway ethay ewsnay asway eingbay aditionaltray andway onnay-Esternway. “Utbay ifway ouryay ifeway oesday otnay ivelay accordingway otay isthay eachingtay andway instructionway, oesday otnay oday allway atthay isway...
  9. Opus118


    This is a trivial issue, but I do not know how to do it. In private messaging there is the option for blind cc's but not visable cc's. I assume the latter can be done on the recipient line but I do not know the rules. Are recipients separated by commas, semicolons or spaces? Also, if this is...
  10. Opus118

    Holy Protection Orthodox Church (HOCNA) loses tax exempt status

    I did not understand the rationale for the removal of tax exempt status. The link:
  11. Opus118

    Please for John C. who died this day.

    I am asking for those that think it appropriate to pray for John Campbell. I found him dead when I came home from work this evening. He has been my son's daytime caretaker. He was opinionated, but it was always clear he was a good person and a caring person for every person in this household. We...
  12. Opus118

    Poll: How a person lives is more important than whether he/she is Orthodox

    This topic is from Alexei Krindatch's "The Study of the Student Leaders in the Local OCF Chapters" There are a lot of college students here and there are a lot of needs in regard to OCF and it is a worthwhile read...
  13. Opus118

    Jailed for high treason for revealing secrets of the Russian Orthodox Church?

    Yevgeny Petrin was arrested and jailed  last July for high treason due to revealing information about the Russian Orthodox Church. This came to light a few days ago. I pretty much read everything in English and I still do not understand it. Link...
  14. Opus118

    Chaldean Patriarch Sako suspends AWOL priests

    Primarily local news: Fourteen priests and monks suspended for desertion. "In his decree, Sako named a dozen monks...
  15. Opus118

    Prayers for Sammy and his family

    Sammy was arrested and deported to Tijuana by the border patrol yesterday while escorting his step-daughter to elementary school. Sammy and his family have been living with me since October when he was released from the hospital following a serious accident. He will never be able to return...
  16. Opus118

    Songs of remembrance

    I gave up trying to figure out an all encompassing title. But the notion that I have is to find out about songs or musical compositions that you associate with your children or parents or the all encompassing others that you care about. The reality is that I decided that I could not post this...
  17. Opus118

    Re: Is transsexualism a sin?

    I just want to point out my disagreement with these three back to back posts that are based on  an original over sexualized envisionment. Hecma, how many transvestites have you talked to and discussed their over sexualization. You need to deal with reality rather than your perception. Of course...
  18. Opus118

    St. Biro

    Despite our differences in regard to  Israel vs Palestine. I really love Biro. Taking a notion from Melodist and translated according to her gender: "The priest said "you are sanctified" at her chrismation today. She is a saint according to the biblical use of the word. May God grant her many...
  19. Opus118


    This is the second thread that I have initiated. The first one about the movie "The Christmas Toy" with Rugby Tiger and Mew garnered zero interest. This one is because my car is approaching 200000 miles (will probably reach this mark in 9 months) and I have to start thinking about a new car...
  20. Opus118

    Biro! Biro! Biro!

    Simply, I miss Biro! I do not always agree with her (issues dealing with Israel come to mind) but she is a great asset to this forum. I miss her voice.