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  1. Deacon Lance

    Metropolitan Maximos falls asleep in the Lord Eternal memory!
  2. Deacon Lance

    Catholic Church suffering violence in Ethiopia, Eritrea

    YAOUNDÉ, Cameroon - In Ethiopia and Eritrea, the Church has been suffering. Over the past two years, over 30 churches have been attacked in Ethiopia - half burned to the ground - leaving over 100 people dead. In Eritrea, where Catholics make up just about 4 percent of the population, Church-run...
  3. Deacon Lance

    Archpriest Paul Lazor falls asleep in the Lord

    Eternal memory!
  4. Deacon Lance

    Fr Anthony Coniaris falls asleep in the Lord

    He passed away on March 15.  Eternal memory!
  5. Deacon Lance

    East, West, and Beyond May 21-23
  6. Deacon Lance

    Prayer with the Harp of the Spirit translated by Fr Francis Acharya

    This is a Malankara Catholic edition of the Syriac Office as translated by Fr Bede Griffiths and translated and modified for use at Kurisumala Ashram by Fr Francis Charya
  7. Deacon Lance

    The cathedral rite and the Vesperal Liturgy of Great Saturday

    But we do.  The Vesperal Liturgy of St Basil on Holy Saturday is The Paschal Liturgy, it is the original Paschal Liturgy of Hagia Sophia.  Serving it in the morning has caused that connection to be lost.  Also its lack of the tropar  “Christ is Risen” has led some to believe it is not a Paschal...
  8. Deacon Lance

    Deacon and Wife murdered

    Deacon Dennis and Helen Lucak’s bodies were found dead from gunshot wounds.  He was a deacon at St Michael the Archangel parish, Orthodox Church in America, in Broadview Heights.
  9. Deacon Lance

    For Mary Cecilia

    Who would have been 35 today.  Eternal memory!
  10. Deacon Lance

    The theology of Theodoret of Cyrrhus: The Question of Its Development

    A rehabilitation of Blessed Theodoret by an Orthodox priest:
  11. Deacon Lance

    Ambrosian Rite Divine Office

    It is in Italian and the post Vatican II form, but I thought some of you guys might enjoy it.
  12. Deacon Lance

    For Deacon Lance

    Remember this poor sinner in your prayers.  I have an infected bursa in my elbow that has gotten progressively worse since Holy Week.  MD gave me stronger prescription and drained it but it is quite sore and the infection has spread a bit and made me ill.
  13. Deacon Lance

    Eternal memory to Archimandrite Ephrem Lash

    He fell asleep in the Lord this morning.
  14. Deacon Lance

    Rabbi gets life sentence for arranging wife's murder
  15. Deacon Lance

    Can miaphysitism a do dyophysitism be reconciled?

    Can we agree that while using different terms/theological schools we really believe the same thing?  If so what do we do with the anathemas of the past?
  16. Deacon Lance

    St Silouan the Athonite on Polemics

    St. Silouan the Athonite (1866–1938) is one of the most beloved recent saints, having been canonized in 1987. A simple monk who nonetheless attracted pilgrims from all over the world, his teaching emphasized the absolute necessity of love and humility for authentic Christian life. As is evident...
  17. Deacon Lance

    Renderings of Greek Orthodox Church to be built at Ground Zero

    First pictures of the interior that I have seen.
  18. Deacon Lance

    Nicaea-fest 2025,-we-invite-all-Christians-to-celebrate-the-first-synod-of-Nicaea-in-2025-31213.html Let the doom mongering commence...
  19. Deacon Lance

    Pope elevates UGCC to Patriarchate

    Vatican City, 1 April 2013 (VIS) - Today the Holy Father elevated the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church from Major Archepiscopate to Patriarchate.  He cited the size, organization, and world-wide presence of the Ukainian Catholic Church, as well as his personal frienship with Patriarch Sviatoslav...
  20. Deacon Lance

    Dr. Anthony Dragani on Final Theosis and Purgatory

    Fr. Ambrose, Dr. Anthony Dragani is a close friend.  He is Byzantine Catholic.  His PH.D. in Theology is from my own Alma Mater, Duquesne University of the Holy Ghost.  He is Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Mt. Aloysius College.  Perhaps you have forgotten but Anthony has already...