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  1. Dominika

    Why is there no second ode sung for the Katavasiae

    Or started, depending of course on calendar. I mean however, that those katavasia are chanted after all odes, not just "chosen ones" (the nes followed by ekteny).
  2. Dominika

    Advent Paraclesis

    Liturgics have been developing all the time, it's not something dead. It's quite natural though even before that a feast is followed by a fasting (of course, its type and length varied a lot) and fasting is a way for improving relation with God, people around us, so also with saints, including...
  3. Dominika

    Strange icons

    Saint Mina, source
  4. Dominika

    Anyone watching the World Cup?

    Yes O no!
  5. Dominika

    Why is there no second ode sung for the Katavasiae

    I suppose also from the Entrance of the Theotokos the Nativity katavasia (at least that's Polish practice and the rest as you've described)?...
  6. Dominika

    By God's Grace In Arabic

    So the two quotations. The translation cannot be always (actually, plenty of times), literal. You can say bi-ni3mat Allah that literally means "By God's grace" but it sounds strange, it is not used except maybe some theological essays in given context. BTW, the expressions I've shared are used...
  7. Dominika

    Why is there no second ode sung for the Katavasiae

    Katavasia, ofc, in some practces are supression. But in fact it is part of canon, when two choirs (left and right) should join together in chant (sometiems even people joining together from both side of church, of course now it's practiced maybe in a few places in the world), plus katavasia...
  8. Dominika

    "better to have at least 2 spiritual fathers from different places."

    This, "When you have numerous confessors" Source (as after a few days it may be disappear from direct FB link)
  9. Dominika

    "better to have at least 2 spiritual fathers from different places."

    Indeed, no sense. I've seen once meme a person driving a car with numerous GPS appliances. All of them were showing the same goal, but the driver obviously couldn't focus, as lookin at one, second, third GPS appliance.. And the description was: person with numerous confessors (or spiritual...
  10. Dominika

    Sign of the Cross - Occasions in Liturgical Service

    Absolutely this, what Liza wrote ;) What do you mean? In, lety's ay, Eastern Slavic traditions, there is blessing by objects.. But I suppose I understood something in wrong way.
  11. Dominika

    Advent Paraclesis

    +1 That's the reason there are various trials for this fast... Well, in fact, IF people knew properly the structure fo this fast, slowly appearing God, and if the parishes had daily Vespers plus meetigns about saints (espeically from the OT) that are commemorated during this fast, there would...
  12. Dominika

    Advent Paraclesis

    More or less. Romanian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Antiochian, Greek, Albanian.. And some fo them (e.g Roamian, Serbian) use various types of chants ;)
  13. Dominika

    Picture of the Day

    Orthodoxy in Mickey Mouse comic book: 7th monastery of Meteora, Pater Goofarius, icons, services etc.
  14. Dominika

    Advent Paraclesis

    I suppose that's it, full text: https://www.byzcath.org/forums/ubbthreads.php/ubb/download/Number/13/filename/13-Moleben-PreChristmas.pdf Anyway, in Southern traditions, Paraklesis for the Theotokos is strongly connected with two other fasting periods: Great Lent (its Fridays) andthe...
  15. Dominika

    By God's Grace In Arabic

    I'm not sure if I undestand correctly, that's what comes to my mind: Thanks God: Nashkour Allah نشكر الله Praise God: Al7amdu Allah الحمد الله If God's Willing: In sza2 Allah ان شاء الله If God wants: Iza Allah rad اذا الله اراد Of course it's not exact pronunciation.
  16. Dominika

    Oriental Orthodox Music

    Youtube channel Armenian Orthodox Hymns The lyrics are given in English, Grabar (Old/Classical Armenian) and modern Armenian.
  17. Dominika

    For world peace

    Two days ago there was a missile in eastern Poland, two Polish citizens died. Memory eternal! Lord have mercy!
  18. Dominika

    ITT: We post maps