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    Number of kids

    Time to update my and Mr. Y's kid count to three. Our latest edition Brigid Lucy was born yesterday afternoon, 8 lbs, 21 1/2 inches.  Caitlin and Evan are enjoying being big sister and brother!
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    what IS sex?

    Well put. :) 
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    Grammar is the worst thing... ever...

    I feel it is my duty to take you under my and Mr. Y's grammarian wings as we both have degrees in English. ;)  Seriously, if you need some help, feel free to call or PM us.  We've had a hard time getting to liturgy lately but we'd be happy to provide some assistance/tutoring whenever you need...
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    File This Under "LOL"

    Why?  Because we can.  :laugh:
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    Brokenhearted little girl

    Lord, have mercy!
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    Kid Count

    Had to revise my vote as our 2nd child is now 1 year old. :P
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    Very Worried

    Lord, have mercy!
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    For my wife & unborn child

    Congratulations and many years! Lord, have mercy.
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    Questions About OC.net That Will Never Be Answered

    LOL... I tease Mr. Y about him being the living proof of this XKCD comic.
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    Um... What?

    Are you saying the Welsh are non-human?  ;)
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    Questions About OC.net That Will Never Be Answered

    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Thank you for the hearty laugh, from an English major.  ;D (To answer your question #2, from my observations there are many men here involved with seminary studies and not nearly as many women, so from my own personal experience I tend to hang back and just observe...
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    For the OCA Diocese of the Midwest...

    Lord, have mercy!
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    Departing Orthodoxy & OC.net

    In three days, St. Peter went from denying Christ to being willing to die for his sake.  In any case, may the Lord guide your steps, TraditionalFrog, and have mercy!
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    Pleas pray for me - I am a drunk...

    Lord, have mercy!
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    Prince charles & turin shroud DNA

    That was exactly what came to my mind as well.  David Icke is the most referenced proponent of this.
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    August 2010 Post of the Month!

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    Please pray for infant George Francis....

    Lord, have mercy.
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    Please Pray for Baby Mariyam

    Congratulations, and many many years to your whole family!  She is beautiful!
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    Friends' illness (very serious)

    Lord, have mercy!
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    For another friend

    Lord, have mercy!