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    Orthodox Secret Societies

    Are there any known secret society connected to the OC? If there are none known, do you think there should be? If yes, how they should look like? Finally, do you believe that secret societies of the West (which are numberless) have advanced the West in its economical and spiritual strategy?
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    The most metaphysical orthodox books/texts

    Which are your favourite orthodox theological texts, or books, on a high metaphysical level? Except the Bible? (p.s. I am just exploring new works, therefore the question).
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    Similar to Symeon NT "Hymns"

    Can you recommend any texts that are similar to St Symeon the New Theologian "Hymns of Divine Love"? Metaphysical and mystic texts, of course rooted in the OC.
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    Anyone that could record greek text

    Hello. I am doing music with St Symeon NT texts, and the singer would like to hear how it sounds. Anyone here with perfect greek accent that could record it in a slow tempo (and maybe also normal speed) and than to send me as audio file? I am sorry I don't have any budget for that. If you...
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    How to improve the self-obedience?

    Maybe self-controll should be the right term, but here I think about this: The obedience is quite common between two persons, however, I am talking here about myself-1 who knows what should do in accordance with the faith and God, and myself-2 that easily cheats me, makes me fool. The myself-1...
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    Hello. I need the correct meaning of the word Εὔσπλαχνε: "τοῦ χωρισμοῦ σου, εὔσπλαχνε˙ δεινή γάρ αὕτη θλῖψις"
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    Help with Latin (Psalm)

    Hello. I need to put this Psalm 122 (123) into music, so I need to make accents and hyphens. Anyone here who can confirm if it is done properly? The most problem I have with ae if it is read e. Or uo to be read o. cán-ti-cum grá-du-um ad te le-vá-vi o-cú-los mé-os qui há-bi-tas in cáe-lis éc-ce...
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    Greek transliteration, some questions.

    Friends, I needed help here at http://www.orthodoxchristianity.net/forum/index.php/topic,73330.0.html What I need is a transliteration, from Greek (I believe it is the old Greek) into latin alphabet. I have found a site http://transliterate.com/ Here is an example from St Symeon New...
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    Help with greek text

    Dear friends, I am working with a text in Greek for musical setting. I need help in checking the correct hyphenation and accentuation when text is transliterated into the roman latin. If anyone is here, very proficient in the grammar, willing to help me, please let me know. The text is by St...
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    Anyone with profound knowledge of Church-Slavonic

    I need help in translating a text into the Church-Slavonic. Anyone who excels in the language?
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    looking for " Hymns of Divine Love" (1976)

    https://www.amazon.com/Hymns-Divine-Love-St-Symeon/dp/B0006W7NV6 Completely unavailable. I need this version by Maloney. Anyone having this book in txt or PDF? Please send me a message. Thank you.
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    Not christian, but close-to christian litterature

    Dear all, For you knowing well the world literature, what are writers who don't write canonical texts but poetry/poesy that is close to the OC faith? I could think about Dostoevsky - as an example. Or texts by Marcus Aurelius; however as a religious person, he wrote quite astonishing texts that...
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    Symeon NT in original Greek - help

    Dear everyone, I need help to find St Symeon's New Theologian "Hymns of Divine Love" in the original Greek. As PDF or website (to say, digitalized already). Thank you!