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    The body & blood of Christ is the Eucharist

    Most of the Jews didn't either. IIIRC the (distinctly Hellenised) Jewish diaspora outnumbered those in the Holy Land and even those there mainly spoke Aramaic. James
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    Why would catholic Church teach that Theotokos is sinless and Perfect?

    So are you saying that she could not have remained free of sin without the IC? You see we believe that she could and did. If, on the other hand, you believe that it would have been impossible for the Theotokos to remain free of sin without the IC, it implies that you must believe also that John...
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    Being gay is a choice?

    Don't think so (at least not over here). You usually see LGBT - The 'bi' is still in there. James
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    Do you cook?

    But I'd need to buy American measuring cups. I've never even seen one and if I had some I suppose I could live with using them rather than scales. It is a really weird difference though. Over here (and by here I mean Europe in general not just the UK) I've never known anyone who didn't have a...
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    Do you cook?

    Thanks. I'd found your second link before. It's about the best I've come across, though it's hardly what I'd call a comprehensive list. As the problems are caused by the use of cups with dry ingredients, the Google link you gave is not much use. Knowing the volume of a cup in ml is only really...
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    Do you cook?

    Do you use cups as measures in Brazil? I thought that was just a US thing. Honestly, it's one of the banes of my life when I find an interesting looking recipe only to find that I then have to spend ages trying to convert all the measures into something I can actually understand. It's not so bad...
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    Building Bridges Between Orthodox and Catholic Christians

    I know. I just thought that was too obvious to mention really and I was more interested in pointing out the idiocy in rejecting a religion because someone with that same religion did something terrible to some distant ancestor than I was in pointing out how ridiculously over simplistic JamesR's...
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    Arianism taught that God the Son was created (that there was a time when the Son was not) not that there was a time when Christ was not the Son of God. The latter belief is Adoptionism and often the idea is that He was adopted as God's Son at His baptism rather than being the Word incarnate. In...
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    Building Bridges Between Orthodox and Catholic Christians

    Honestly, I don't think any church ever colonised anyone's ancestors. Converted, yes (sometimes and regrettably forcefully) but not colonised. JamesR's ancestors were colonised by the Spaniards who happened to be Roman Catholic, they weren't colonised by the Roman Catholic church. If we're to...
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    Should I even bother to try?

    Yes, my eyebrow was raised a little at the idea that the 'Rapture' was a core Christian belief that EO and OO should agree with. Many (most?) Protestant churches wouldn't even agree with that one. James
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    Being gay is a choice?

    I agree (though I don't know that particular book). The whole medical model of mental illness is flawed, however, not just the DSM. Interestingly enough it was a psychiatrist rather than a clinical psychologist who was most adamant about this in his lectures back when I was studying abnormal...
  12. J

    Being gay is a choice?

    I wasn't disagreeing with you. I'm not a fan of the medical model of mental illness at all, so I wouldn't tend to refer to psychological conditions as such, but I knew what you meant. It is possible to be born with a condition which would predispose us to violence. I don't believe that the...
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    Being gay is a choice?

    Being gay is behavioural. Being black is not. You are comparing apples and oranges here. You'd be much better off comparing being gay to a paraphilia (I'd argue, on psychological grounds, that homosexuality remains a paraphilia actually, politically motivated changes to the DSM notwithstanding)...
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    Easter Egg competition

    Romanians do it also. I've never seen the apparently organised communal competition as shown in that video, though. It's always seemed to be something that just takes place within the family. My kids get very competitive about it, but as they, like me, aren't particularly keen on hard boiled...
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    Calls for removal of "anti-Semitic" imagery in Orthodox Liturgy

    Indeed. I was born in in England, speak English (amongst other languages) and l live in England. I'm certainly not English. I have a British passport so you could say I'm British (I have British nationality) but I'd never identify that way and you could just as accurately say I was German...
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    Does Sola Scriptura actually exist?

    Why should we assume that? I fully understand why an Anglican might think that given that within the same church there are so many serious disagreements in areas that cannot be described in any other way than as fundamentals of the faith, but when I look at what St. Irenaeus writes he could be...
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    How to Interpret the Scriptures

    No, I wasn't wrong. You did in fact appear to be as I described. I never said you were anything other than Orthodox (the closest I ever came to saying such a thing was when I said that if you reject the Church's authority you are not Orthodox). In fact the irony you were failing to grasp is down...
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    Random Postings

    Absolutely. Lurchers, whippets and the like are all the same too. If a greyhound is too big, a lurcher might be more suitable - they vary in size quite a lot depending on what the other half of the cross is but many are smaller than greyhounds. Ours is about half way between a greyhound and...