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  1. Anastasia1

    MiL having surgery in AM

    Mother-in-law is having surgery in the morning. She is losing her vision. This is one of the last attempts to help.
  2. Anastasia1


    I am so sick of feeling sick I almost don’t have it in me to fight feeling sick from this pregnancy. :sick: I am eating a terrible diet, losing sleep, sometimes taking a medicine that makes me dopey and only takes the edge off, not fully preventing nausea and sometimes followed by later puking...
  3. Anastasia1


    I’m pregnant! 🤰 Yay! Hoping all goes well and this one will still have a sibling one day.
  4. Anastasia1

    Dad has Covid

    My dad has Covid. Please pray for him and my family, and that his healing be swift and thorough. Thank you.
  5. Anastasia1

    For babies for our little family

  6. Anastasia1

    Would you feel safe attending liturgy this way?

    Would you feel safe from Covid attending liturgy in person while pregnant and living with high risk family members?
  7. Anastasia1


    Are curses real? Can people be cursed by someone other than God?
  8. Anastasia1

    Christ is risen from the dead... sung in Lugandan!

    This was beautiful. Christ is risen from the dead... sung in Lugandan! "The troparion for Pascha, in the Lugandan language, sung at Holy Annunciation Orthodox Church, Bukasa Island, Uganda."
  9. Anastasia1

    Not in a good place right now - mental health

    I am really struggling right now. I have ADHD, and am not set much up to work at home, so hunting for new contracts and keeping up with them and chores has been not great. I am pretty sure I have PTSD, though I am having trouble tracking down the original psychiatry notes-I am currently...
  10. Anastasia1

    Pagan Music

    Here are a couple of questions about pagan music. This is not general mainstream music but might be applied to pagan Norse music or some similar ancient pagan religion's music or influence, or the neo-pagan/new agey music that is sometimes made today. 1. What are your thoughts on listening to...
  11. Anastasia1

    Is it ok to want justice for yourself?

    Is it ok to want justice for yourself when you have been hurt-physically, long-lasting, with insurances involved?
  12. Anastasia1

    Orthodox Church - Sri Lanka

    Are there any Orthodox churches in Sri Lanka? I am seeing articles referencing the Orthodox Church and Christian issues in general in the country, but no actual churches there. Thanks!
  13. Anastasia1


    Is it disrespectful to where a shirt that says "Happy Chrismukkah!"? For or against?
  14. Anastasia1

    Where is the Oriental Orthodox Church in Sri Lanka? How do I find it?

    Is there a website with the address of this church or the name I can find in Google Maps? How would I go about visiting the parish?
  15. Anastasia1

    Prayer beads from other religions

    Are there any official positions on using prayer beads from other religions, like Buddhist Mala beads or Islamic prayer beads when praying as Orthodox Christians? What if they are pretty beds and you can use them for the Jesus prayer or something, then what are your views on it?
  16. Anastasia1

    Peace between family members

    I want more peace between family members. They seem at odds at work and some attitude and communication changes may be needed. Please Lord, intervene.
  17. Anastasia1

    Anxious over things

    I’m kind of going through some stuff from wanting to settle a car accident I was hurt in and it’s hard to deal with. I freak out at the thought of dealing with the accident as it comes up.  :'(
  18. Anastasia1

    Work stress

    I have a lot to do and have to be out a day. Please pray I can get everything done enough.
  19. Anastasia1

    trying to have a baby in the new year

    No baby yet, but for things to fall into place getting ready and baby to be easy.
  20. Anastasia1

    Moving/job hunt

    Need to change jobs for a move. Hope to consult to finish training work for replacement and get a great job after.