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    Prayer for family in difficult times

    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, it´s been a really long time since I last participated in the forum. I am turning to you for a prayer petition. A very pious family I know in Greece, is going through some really hard times. The mother has been unemployed for some years now. Her own father...
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    Prayer that I Could Keep it Up

    Lord have mercy on James.
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    My Dad Needs Surgery

    Lord have mercy.
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    S.A.D., depression, isolation, etc.

    Lord have mercy...
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    Prayers for Rafael

    Lord have mercy on Rafael and Elda.
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    Please Pray

    Lord have mercy.
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    You Are Not a Failure

    Thank you, I needed to hear that.
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    Recurrent falls and weak will - Prayers for repentance, strength and forgiveness

    Your prayers are much needed. I have been practically pushing myself down to the ground - temptation was not even strong enough and still I let myself fall...all the while feeling sorry for doing so...does it make any sense? please pray for me if you wish...thank you.
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    Canonical churches in France.

    Perhaps they use non-Byzantine Romanian chant then... I have been to GO Byzantine Liturgies in 3 different countries so far (using Greek, English, Russian, Spanish and even Ucrainian language in the services). I have heard different kind of choirs and chanters in these liturgies. I never noticed...
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    Why God/ why Christ?

    If I have understood well the question, my reply is that we cannot imagine something that cannot or does not exist, more so if that "something" (or someone) is superior to us. Meaning that we could not possibly have a notion of the potential existence of a Being superior to us if we were the...
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    Canonical churches in France.

    I have never been in an entirely Russian Liturgy. The Liturgy I used to attend in Madrid was in Greek and Russian, alternating these two languages throughout its duration, adding Spanish at times. So, I more or less knew what came next. The couple of times I attended a Romanian Liturgy (apart...
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    Canonical churches in France.

    Thank you for the additional info. There seems to be a Coptic church in this city. I do not have a single father of confession, I have always confessed to the priest I could get access to at the time (a pretty solitary sheep due to circumstances and a very confused and frustrated sheep at...
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    Struggling and discouraged

    Lord have mercy.
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    Please pray for my husband and I.

    Lord have mercy on your servants.
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    Going through a tough battle

    Lord have mercy.
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    Canonical churches in France.

    Thank you very much, it seems then that the ROCOR church is the only option. And I managed to get someone on the phone who informed me Liturgy is at 10.30 which makes it a very good time to get there from where I live (They wanted to know whether I was Russian too - it is like a joke, a Greek...
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    Canonical churches in France.

    No, they don´t. We are talking about really small Orthodox populations up here, and mostly foreigners or first generation French and Spanish citizens. A little to the south from where I live, there are a lot of Romanians, still, they have to "borrow" a catholic church to have their services on...
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    Canonical churches in France.

    Thank you very much for the prompt reply. I am thinking of going there. I need to find out what times the services are as I live almost 2hrs away and cannot risk getting there too late. Nobody answers the phone for now. I will keep trying.
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    Canonical churches in France.

    Hello everyone, I hope this is the right place for this question. it has been a really really long time since the last time I was in this forum. I have a question regarding canonical churches in France as I plan to start attending somewhere closer to where I live (summary: GO, live in...