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    The Phenomenon of 'De-conversion'...what do we do? What can we do?

    NB: This is not directed at any person as a result of events on this board, but was inspired by what was shared with me recently on a completely different website. I don't know if as a convert I just travel in circles where this kind of behavior is more likely to happen, but I have noticed a...
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    Reconciling marriages performed outside of the Church?

    A thread in the Orthodox-Catholic Discussion subforum about Pope Francis marrying Catholic couples not married in the RCC has got me wondering: I know that at least in the Coptic Church, marrying outside of the Church excommunicates the Orthodox party of the marriage. My question is: Would such...
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    Networking issues: Two "home" networks - how to fix this?

    If anybody out there is knowledgeable about home networking issues, I'd really appreciate your help. I moved into a new apartment about a month ago, got internet set up through Comcast to make sure they'd have the service turned on when I lugged all my equipment into the new place (of course...
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    Work problems

    I just found out that I lost a month's worth of work due to some sort of computer issue with either the system at the university for which I work, or my computer, or both. I'm not sure this is fixable, and what's more, I'm not sure how the professor who is most immediately affected by this...
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    Ethiopian Anaphoras Lacking Epiclesis?

    Hello all, I was just watching a video presentation given at U of Toronto on the liturgy of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church by Rev. Dr. Mebratu Kiros Gebru. Very interesting, but something caught my attention: at ~42:30, Dr. Mebratu says that there are some anaphoras in the Ethiopian Church that...
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    How close are our churches in terms of familiarity with each other?

    Some discussion that has cropped up in this thread on Orthodox films has got me wondering: We all know that we share one common faith across our communion, but how well do we actually know other OO churches that aren't our own? Is it common to find a high level of knowledge among the laity of...
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    Parishioner soon to undergo heart surgery -- Please pray

    Hello everybody, I received a phone call earlier tonight from one of my friends from church informing me that one of our parishioners will be having heart surgery tomorrow. I didn't know anything was wrong with him, but I guess yesterday he started feeling chest pains, went to the hospital, and...
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    New Coptic Pope Chosen: Anba Tawadros

    Anba Tawadros has been chosen as the 118th Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church. http://english.ahram.org.eg/NewsContent/1/64/57107/Egypt/Politics-/BREAKING-Bishop-Tawadros-chosen-as-Egypts-th-Copti.aspx Alf mabrook to all. God be with us.
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    Report: US Protestants lose majority status

    Read more here. Thoughts/reactions? The story says that 1/3 of those under 30 have no religious affiliation, and aren't expected to become religious as they age. I'm just outside of that age bracket, but thinking about the people I know who are in it, and that seems about right, or maybe even a...
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    Serious motorcycle accident -- Please pray

    I've just learned that my father's wife, who is currently living in the Philippines while they await her visa approval, has been in a serious motorcycle accident en route to a friend's wedding. She is at the hospital now, but is not conscious. My father is beside himself, being so many thousands...
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    Egypt's ElBaradei: Liberals 'Decimated' in Vote

    (Full story here) Yes, what everyone but the politicians and Facebook revolutionaries knew would happen very unsurprisingly has officially now actually happened. Indeed, there are dark days ahead. Lord have mercy. Once the Islamists are firmly entrenched, they won't be ousted after 18 days like...
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    Somali Christian resources

    Hello all, This is probably not the right place for this topic, so if any moderator wants to move it I won't object, but I just wanted to pass along some links to resources about Christianity and Christians in Somalia and Christians of Somali ethnicity/background around the world. While they...