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    Video of the Day

    "The Mystical Sacrifice" (Zivkovic D.) - excerpt from the "Passion" https://youtu.be/-PPaFyw1POs Jeffrey Lloyd-Roberts tenor, Netherlands Radio Choir, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Martyn Brabbins conductor; 07 Apr 2017, Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam, live recording. The Mystical Sacrifice...
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    Orthodoxy in art

    If "art" is also music visual art, than this: https://youtu.be/-PPaFyw1POs
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    Greek Church recognizes Ukraine Church

    I don't understand.
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    The site is still down. How to help??
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    The Swedish Lutheran Church

    Danmark. Not Finland.
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    RC wanting to convert to Orthodoxy

    It can be so that just your RC church is so strange, and at OCA people are just there as you described. But in general, what I feel with the RC it is almost a galactic distance between me and worshipping, when in OC it is close to my heart. When I enter any RC church I feel like I'v entered a...
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    Orthodox Secret Societies

    Arrogance and ignorance and banality. Please, keep enjoying your comfort.
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    Orthodox Secret Societies

    Many true satanists are infiltrated on the top of the universities, politics, sports, media, and church; there are many more than one can imagine. An activity to reveal these persons and work against their agenda. What about this?
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    Obedience -- Part II

    Obedience to the 10 Commandments, and you will be fine.
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    Orthodox Secret Societies

    Do not misinterpret my words. Again and again I tell you: no separate oaths and no separate rituals here. The only oath is to the Church and the only rituals are the Holy Liturgy (or other services). A secret society means just that: secret works on strengthening of the faith, secret in the term...
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    Orthodox Secret Societies

    I don't say that you shouldn't say openly that you are an OC. I don't want to "trick" people into Christianity. What I say, and do not re-misinterpret me, is: to establish a network that would work "behind curtains", based on the OC faith, with strong connection to the bishops and to the holy...
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    Orthodox Secret Societies

    Exactly so. Return of the new Byzantium.
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    Orthodox Secret Societies

    In order to bypass the anti-christian ideology that is implemented everywhere and in general – idiocracy. In my country, you get "smashed" and ridiculed when you say that you are the OC, and if you are a "muslim" than "they understand you, and your freedom for faith". If you are gay married and...
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    Orthodox Secret Societies

    It opens another question: why are the Orthodox people less interested in organising themselves – on basis of the faith –  outside of the Church, and equally well promote and work in secret the Liturgical idea among people? Read this:
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    Orthodox Secret Societies

    Do you consider Opus Dei to be a semi-secret society that has influence? There was (perhaps still) a rosicrucian society, as well secret, but many other hermetic societies that don't make good to all. In my opinion, a secret society of the OC should be based on faith, of course, but also that...
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    Orthodox Secret Societies

    Everyone: focus, please.
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    Orthodox Secret Societies

    Are there any known secret society connected to the OC? If there are none known, do you think there should be? If yes, how they should look like? Finally, do you believe that secret societies of the West (which are numberless) have advanced the West in its economical and spiritual strategy?
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    Is investing in the stock market a sin?

    It is a complex question, indeed. We cannot use other assets to buy/sell. Such would be "I will work without payment, but my children will get free lunch". St Johan Cassian: St Peter Damaskos: Nikitas Stithatos And Matthew 25:24-27 And if you loose money on stocks, take distance from it.
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    The most metaphysical orthodox books/texts

    I will check Ambigua. Thanks. (I know for the latter).
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    The most metaphysical orthodox books/texts

    Sorry, what do you mean by that? Which one, if you can be more specific? Thanks.