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    Car blessing without a priest?

    Are there prayers for blessing a car without a priest?
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    missing avatar

    My avatar disappeared!
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    Orthodox cartoons?

    I remember when I was young there was 2 animes that were funded by Evangelicals in Asia which showed the stories of the Bible for children.  One was called Superbook (maybe a reference to the Bible) where a boy, a girl and their wind-up toy robot would be transported to biblical times and...
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    No olive oil or no any kind of oil?

    What do you guys think?  There is varied opinion on this.
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    Fake bishop tries to sneak into Vatican meeting

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    Only Begotten Son and the Roman Liturgy

    Why isn't the hymn "Only Begotten Son" found in the Roman Liturgy given it is a Chalcedonian Church?
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    Why Priests? A failed tradition

    Okay, technically this is not an Orthodox book, but since I saw the interview on The Colbert Report I got intrigued by it.  Because some of the claims by the writer I can quicky respond to with what basic understanding of the priesthood and the Sacraments I have learned in my journey to...
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    Becoming a citizen and the Bible

    Is it appropriate to take your Citizenship Oath swearing on a Bible?  I personally don't find it appropriate to be swearing allegiance to a secular authority via the Holy Scriptures.
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    excommunication and other jurisdictions

    How is excommunication by one jurisdiction handled with regards to other jurisdictions?
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    Would you send your kids to Catholic School?

    Not an Orthodox-Catholic issue, but for Orthodox families who do not have an option for an Orthodox school in their area, would you send your kids to Catholic School?
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    do I really have to wait for confession?

    Because of my wavering faith, I haven't been to confession with a Catholic priest since Lent last year.  I'd love to go to confession soon, I really need spiritual guidance.  I asked Father yesterday but he said I have to wait until after I am chrismated.  Can there be some sort of...
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    it is a done deal!

    Told the priest today, my family will be received as catechumens next Sunday
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    Complete list of saints

    Is there a complete list of saints that are recognized by the Orthodox Church including those local to a particular Church? Thanks!
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    Prayers for the reposed

    Please pray for my aunt, Conchita, who has fallen asleep in the Lord today after a bout with ovarian cancer.
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    Reader's Panakhyda?

    Anybody know if there is a Reader's Panakhyda?  Can you give me the link to the text? Thanks!
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    What would you do? Inclusive language

    What would you do if there is someone in your parish who refuses to refer to God as "He", "Him" or "His" as per the Liturgical texts and deliberately translates it to something neutral, like "God" (ie. God's Name, instead of His Name), "You" or "One"?
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    Conception of the Theotokos

    Is this not a big feast in the Orthodox Church?  I know it is not one of the 12 Great Feasts, but isn't it celebrated in some way?  I mean, the Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul aren't one of the 12 but they are celebrated. I just noticed there was no mention of it in yesterday's Liturgy, and none...
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    BEWARE: Brick Bible

    Never buy the Brick Bible for your kids.  I saw one at the bookstore and thought of getting one for my kids to read during Liturgy.  I quickly flipped through the pages to see if it was any good.  The following passage: "Anyone who loves his father or mother more than me is not worthy of me...
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    How do you burn incense at home?

    What the subject says. And do you have alternatives to using coal?  I don't mind using coal, but if we're not praying for a long time then it is a waste of coal.
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    Orthodox Baptism

    Interesting new thing I learned today.  RC teaches that anyone, even the non-baptized, can baptize a person in cases of necessity (emergency).  Orthodox Church teaches that only baptized person may perform baptisms in cases of necessity.