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  1. Cyrillic

    Internship at the Foreign Office/State Department.

    Hello all, Recently I applied for an internship at an embassy in the Balkans. I was hoping you'd pray that I got it. It would mean a lot to me. Thank you.
  2. Cyrillic

    Samson and Suicide

    I wonder, did Samson commit suicide? Or was it something else?
  3. Cyrillic

    Tom Holland: Why I was wrong about Christianity

    Read it. Good stuff.
  4. Cyrillic

    Eritrean Church Problems in Rotterdam

    Thread title and offensive text removed by Moderator.  20% warning issued for violation of Forum rules regarding posting in the General Forums.
  5. Cyrillic

    The Patriarchate of Moscow agrees with Maria

    GMO's are sinful: Do you like potato chips? You'd better reconsider. http://www.themoscowtimes.com/arts_n_ideas/news/article/russian-orthodox-official-warns-eating-potato-chips-is-sinful/540307.html
  6. Cyrillic

    Burger King

    Alright, this is a weird request. Does anyone happen to know what Burger King is in CS?
  7. Cyrillic

    On the Reading and Teaching of Naughty Latin Poetry

    How I miss the old Loeb editions, in which the naughty bits were in Latin. It certainly added a bit of mystique and a sense of exclusivity. You had to work to get to the honey. With those modern translations everyone can read those parts. One of the finer examples: Catullus XVI in the old Loeb
  8. Cyrillic

    Less than one month left...

    ...until I get to know whether I've been admitted to the most prestigious law school of the land. Apparently my chances are really good, but nothing is certain. Please do pray for me.
  9. Cyrillic

    Looming Schism in Roman Catholic Germany

    More articles on the subject. Time to get some popcorn.
  10. Cyrillic

    The Fall of Palmyra

    How lonely sits the city     that once was full of people! How like a widow she has become,     she that was great among the nations! http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-32820857
  11. Cyrillic

    Language and the Ukrainian Orthodox

    What language do the Ukrainian Orthodox use it the liturgy? Church Slavonic or Ukrainian? I've heard that the Ukrainian Greek Catholics use Ukrainian in the liturgy.
  12. Cyrillic


    Is anyone else bothered by how very long some posts are these days? What happened to the days in which brevity was a virtue?
  13. Cyrillic

    For my 11.000th post I bring you...

    Kapsalon. Yummie!
  14. Cyrillic

    Suppose, for one moment...

    ...that you're a reasonably-well off and educated Athenian, since you've listened to a few philosophers and sophists in your youth. You live in Athens around 50AD, earning your living by selling gaudy replicas of Greek statues to philistine Romans selling cheese on the Areopagus. Suddenly you...
  15. Cyrillic


  16. Cyrillic

    Muslims in France killed 10 journalists, two cops

    The religion of peace is at it again.
  17. Cyrillic

    Meanwhile in Holy Russia

  18. Cyrillic

    A somewhat silly prayer request.

    Dear forum dwellers, With the world being as horrible as it is - ISIS decapitating innocents, floods in Malaysia, ebola in Africa - surely this prayer request of mine must seem almost frivolous, and silly at the very least; but if you'll remember it in your prayers I'll be grateful nonetheless...
  19. Cyrillic

    A myriad posts

    Finally, my 10,000st post has arrived! Accept this celebratory dancing gestapo giraffe.
  20. Cyrillic

    Clowns Are Terrorizing France

    And a video Who can you trust if not clowns?