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  1. hurrrah

    Prudence and pseudo-prudence

    Based on this http://forums.orthodoxchristianity.net/threads/where-is-dogma.80047/ Reasoning (prudence) is a virtue consisting in distinguishing good from evil, understanding the will of God and how best to fulfill this will. Like any virtue, it is a gift of God, acquired in the process of...
  2. hurrrah

    Interview with a military priest

  3. hurrrah

    Ekaterina was taken to the hospital

    Pray, please.
  4. hurrrah

    Prophecies of the Ukrainian elder Zosima (Sokur)

    original in russian, so i'm translate and edit a little And you need to feel with a spiritual eye: the end is really coming... End. The times of the Antichrist are about to approach. The seal of the Antichrist is coming soon, there will be grave disasters, they will be soon. They're getting...
  5. hurrrah

    Catherine and her eyes

    The person started losing her sight. We were counting on one operation, but turned out to need two. All savings have already been spent, the loan possibilities have been exhausted. We ask for prayers.