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  1. augustin717

    Transylvanian werewolf documentary

    Some of you might find this of interest. The English translation is horrid but it’s enough to give you an idea. This was filmed in the early nineties in a couple of villages across a little mountain from where yours truly hails. Actually my paternal family comes from a village near to where this...
  2. augustin717

    A good take down on Prince Charles’ infatuation with Orthodoxy

    “His spiritual odyssey has alternated bizarre, over-the-top displays of grandiose wealth—like, say, his son’s recent wedding—with carefully managed excursions to sites of spiritual cleansing.”
  3. augustin717

    Cardinal Romero to become saint Good to have an intercessor in heaven.
  4. augustin717

    Rare Hierurgy footage

    A man swearing on the Cross and the Gospel, in front of a priest,in very crude language that he hasn't known his daughter in law:
  5. augustin717

    Romanian priest comes out as atheist

    It looks like the Romanian Church is getting all sorts of surprises this summer:
  6. augustin717

    Hope and Joy as it were

    "By this you're cutting yourself off from a world of hope and joy. What do you gain in exchange? I can't imagine. " Do hope and joy only exist within the confines of Christianity?
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    In veneration mode :that's not for kissing, mom!

    Watch this video:
  8. augustin717

    Fr. Herman Podmoshensky dies Fr. Seraphim Rose's old friend passed away.
  9. augustin717

    Augustinian Humour

    Buying a chotki is like losing virginity. Irretrievable.
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    Are you a virgin?

    I hope you folks don't take this the wrong way. It's been inspired by a recent thread.
  12. augustin717

    Indigenous chant(s) of Western and N-W Romania

    That's how they chant in Transylvania, although there are some local variations. The link below is a good example ( from min. 18.55 onwards as the vespers "Lord I have cried..." starts). The 7th mode.
  13. augustin717

    "Pre-born infants" funeral approved by the OCA

    Interesting to see how modernism is creeping into the Euchologion.
  14. augustin717

    "Chicago is a Paradise"

    "Chicago is a Paradise"
  15. augustin717

    Newer trends in contemporary bourgeois decadence

    "Poorism" . Enjoy the experience.
  16. augustin717

    Computer help

    Help me please, cause I'm terrible with electronic gadgets. So I have this by now ancient macbook (2008) that's still running some ancient version of OSX. I was recently tricked into installing the latest version of firefox-which I prefer to Safari- but can't use it because "You cannot use this...
  17. augustin717

    Osservatore Romano on Marriage Quite strong words on the Orthodox oikonomia.
  18. augustin717

    Chevron halts east Romania shale gas search after protests

    Good so far, although they'll just probably adapt their tactics a bit:
  19. augustin717

    How legal is this?

    There is this guy where I work that hasn't paid rent of a couple of months; I or one of my co-workers usually deliver the landlord's five day notices. Now we have been trying to deliver this to him, in hand, that is, for about a week without success. The guy prob. wouldn't answer the door...
  20. augustin717

    Bicycles & biking

    Simple. Anyone that likes to ride over longer distances around here? I do, albeit never ventured on trips longer than a day distance. Mostly on a city bike .