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    Memory Eternal, the Priest Michael Wang Quansheng

    The last presbyter of the Chinese Autonomous Orthodox Church, the Priest Michael Wang Quansheng, has reposed in the Lord. The last priest of the Chinese Autonomous Orthodox Church reposes in Shanghai O God of all spiritual and corporeal beings, You Who trampled death, broke the power of Satan...
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    His Holiness Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas has reposed in the Lord

    From the Holy Synod of the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church May the memory of the Lord's servant, the High Priest Ignatius Zakka I, be eternal and may the Lord comfort our Syriac brethren and protect their Church!
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    4th Anniversary of Repose of our brother, rwprof

    In your charity, please remember our brother and fellow forumite, Mark Clay, who posted here as rwprof. Last week, Jan 7th, was the 4th anniversary of his repose in the Lord. Memory eternal!
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    The Pastor's Wife

    This could probably go elsewhere, but not sure where, so ... Father Jack Custer posted a link to this on FB. I thought it was an interesting read for all whose churches are served by married clergy: 6 Ways to Serve Your Pastor's Wife on Sunday Many years, Neil
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    St John the Baptist Russian Orthodox Church, Sheppton, PA

    Not sure whether News is the appropriate forum for this, but it seemed to be the best choice available. A member of the ByzCath forum spotted this piece in the local Hazleton PA newspaper and brought it to my attention, asking if I knew any more history of the church, beyond that in the...
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    10th Anniversary - John Royce aka Hypo-Ortho

    In your charity, please remember John Royce, our friend, brother, and fellow forumite, who posted here as Hypo-Ortho and at ByzCath as Orthodox East. Sunday, December 1st, will mark the 10th anniversary of the day on which John reposed in the Lord, seated at his computer, viewing the fora in...
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    Servant of God Capt Emil Kapaun to be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor

    Father Emil Kapaun, born in Pilsen KS to Czech immigrants, was a priest of the Latin Diocese of Wichita and a US Army chaplain in WWII and Korea. In a unique pairing of circumstances, his cause for canonization is currently being promoted by the Diocese of Wichita and, within a few days, he will...
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    3rd Anniversary of Repose, rwprof

    I'm a few days late posting because of computer issues, but Jan 7th was the 3rd anniversary of the repose of our friend and brother, Mark (Clay) Bond, who posted here and at Byzcath as rwprof. In your prayers, please remember the Lord's servant in your prayers. Memory eternal!
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    9th Anniversary of the repose of our brother, Hypo-Ortho

    This past Saturday, December 1, was the 9th anniversary of the repose in the Lord of our beloved fellow forumite, John Royce, who posted here as Hypo-Ortho and at ByzCath as Orthodox East. Old-timers here will recollect that John was seated at his computer, reading his beloved forums, when God...
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    Malala Yousufzai

    In charity, please keep in your prayers Malala Yousufzai, the 15 year old child now hospitalized in the UK after being shot by the Taliban for her outspokenness on behalf of the rights of Pakistani women and girls. Please, no politicizing or speeches - just prayer for a mere child who has been...
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    Prayers for Father Ambrose

    It's reported on Monachos that Hieromonk Ambrose has been diagnosed with cancer and is presently undergoing tests to determine the best course of treatment and the advisability of surgery. Please keep him in your prayers. Prayers for my old and dear friend, that the Holy Unmercenary Physicians...
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    God took 5 year old Cole home

    After he had waged a valiant 18 month fight against a very aggressive neuroblastoma, God asked Cole, the 5 year old grandson of a friend from work, to give up the battle. He did and God took him home yesterday. While Cole no longer needs prayers, I ask that, in your charity, you please remember...
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    In charity, please pray for John, the ByzCath Administrator

    John Vernoski's personal sponsorship of the ByzCath site and forum for more than a decade has afforded many their first introduction to Eastern Christianity, both Orthodox and Catholic. John has been ill since early December and having a very rough go of it. In that time, he's seen very little...
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    2nd Anniversary of the Repose of Our Brother, rwprof

    On 7 January 2009, our friend, brother, and fellow forumite, Mark (Clay) Bond, who posted both here and at Byzcath as rwprof, reposed in the Lord. Please remember him in your prayers on this anniversary. May his memory be eternal.
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    The Old CAF Crowd Will Love This!

    I apologize in advance for revisiting the subject of CAF - but this couldn't pass without comment ... The EC (remember, that's 'Eastern Catholic' these days - not 'Eastern Christi0anity' as it was in our time) forum Mod has posted some new guidelines there on charitable and civil debate. In...
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    8th Anniversary of Repose of Our Brother, 'Hypo-Ortho'

    December 1 will mark the eighth anniversary of the repose in the Lord of our dear friend, and fellow forumite, John Royce. Old-timers will remember John posting here as Hypo-Ortho and at ByzCath as Orthodox East. John had only been ill for a short time and was seated at his computer, reading his...
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    Prayers for a Reposed Presbytera

    Presbytera Diane, the wife of Mitred Archpriest Lawrence (Cross) of the Russian Catholic Centre in Melbourne (Australia), reposed in the Lord on September 12, after a prolonged illness. In addition to Father Lawrence, she also leaves two sons, Nicholas and Patrick. Please remember Presbytera...
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    Prayers for Father Archimandrite Serge Keleher

    In your mercy, please remember Father Archimandrite Serge Keleher in your prayers. Members here who do or have posted at ByzCath will know Father for his regular contributions as a poster there.   Father Serge is pastor of Holy Hieromartyr Nicholas Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church in Dublin and...
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    That's all I can say about this  :o Many years, Neil