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    Relic Of Two Of Orthodoxy's Saints To Be Returned

    Not to brag, but I had a seat pretty close to the Papal altar for the service. I thought Bartholomew was pretty gracious throughout and the liturgy was nice if strange at times (mixing of rites, etc.). Some people on this board really need to come down from their high horse and at least pray for...
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    Some more pictures rom Rob's chrismation

    I think the Hawaiian shirts are the best part...
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    Vatican sets up Administrator for Russian Eastern Catholic Church

    Jesus was not a Pharisee, Tom
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    Orthodox and SSPX question...

    SSPX are Latin heretics like all the rest of them... :P
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    Goin' South...

    I received a call from Pope Phil and Kim Bellucci tonight and they have arrived safely back. Everybody had a great time in the Deep South, but I sure do miss them. By the waterssss of Cary we wept, When we thought of White Plains....
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    Please Pray!!!

    Prayers, dude!
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    Cardinal Ratzinger Orders Kerry Communion Ban

    Keble <<Well, no ECUSA cleric is going to deny someone communion on this basis. The rubrics simply do not permit it. I don't see any problem with the RC church saying, "We hold that voters should not vote for candidates who will not work to make abortion illegal.">> Okay, but we still have the...
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    Cardinal Ratzinger Orders Kerry Communion Ban

    Keble<<The thing is, that's not what the issue actually looks like. There are hardheads on both ends; they energize the discussion, but they are in a sense unimportant. The people who are important are those whose minds can be changed. But this very possibility means that they are also sensitive...
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    Cardinal Ratzinger Orders Kerry Communion Ban

    Should we be trampling the hosts instead? Should the RCC tell its members that they can be pro-choice? If people understood what the heck excommunication meant, then they'd get it.
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    Cardinal Ratzinger Orders Kerry Communion Ban

    As long as Kerry's going to communion upsets some Catholics, he'll waffle on the issue, regardless of how all American clerics react to it. The fact that Abp. Burke and some conservative Catholics protest him will be enough to make him dodge the issue, which he has been doing recently if I...
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    Cardinal Ratzinger Orders Kerry Communion Ban

    What is that reasoning exactly, Keble? Aren't Christians "called to embue the temporal order with the gospel"? America is supposed to be a democracy and yet the culture of death is thrust on the majority by the courts. Why not take it back? Afterall, slavery was once constitutional, too. -Matt
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    What is everyone reading?

    Catechism of the Catholic Church and Companion to the Catechism of the Catholic Church
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    I agree there, but everything should be chanted except for the communion prayer
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    Excerpt From EP's Homily In Rome

    Right on, Father Deacon
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    Feminists pray to Mary for legal abortion

    Orthodoc, Isn't it the Immaculate Heart of Mary? -Matt
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    Excerpt From EP's Homily In Rome

    After all, he is one ECUMENICAL patriarch
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    Changing Orthodoxy

    Schultz<<There is nothing extravagant or proud about wearing such attire, provided one doesn't go buy an Armani suit, Dormeiul tie, diamond cuff-links and custom shoes for church. >> Awww man, time for plan B.
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    Nick ordained !

    Is that a pipe running through the iconostasis?
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    Prayer for my dear friend

    That sounds awful. I will certainly offer up my prayers!