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  1. Christopher McAvoy

    New parish and retreat center for ROCOR WR

    This shall be my first post in many years! (what a different world we live in now!) I shall offer a prayer of congratulations for the joyous ordination of Rev Fr James Krueger to the holy priesthood! Oremus: O Lord Jesus Christ! In order to redeem the world, Thou didst will to be born of a...
  2. Christopher McAvoy

    Are these three bishops outliers and not representative of Catholicism?

    As a Roman Catholic sympathetic to Orthodoxy I think it must be acknowledged that much of the current perception of the Pope of Rome is very destructive to the faith. A number of more thoughtful Roman Catholics I know would wish that in some sense there could be a compromise between the...
  3. Christopher McAvoy

    Immaculate Conception

    If I were Orthodox I would believe strongly in the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception. I would defend it always. I would defend as much patrimony from the latin church as was permissable. Whether dogma or doctrine, if one believes somethin to be true, it should be defended. Nevertheless...
  4. Christopher McAvoy

    I don't know what to call this tangent

    It is pretty serious to schismate from the Church. It isn't like quitting the Elk Lodge. yeah, thats why I refused to join the Knights of columbus when they tried to make me a deal I couldn't refuse, i still said "no". Leaving both roman catholicism AND the knights of columbus is double trouble!
  5. Christopher McAvoy

    Tradition vs EO 2nd and 3rd marriage

    Yes. http://www.forgottenbooks.com/readbook_text/Betrothment_and_Marriage_v1_1000444586/217 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melchior_Cano Handbook for Liturgical Studies: Sacraments and sacramentals, Volume 4 By Anscar J. Chupungco, p 293
  6. Christopher McAvoy

    Tradition vs EO 2nd and 3rd marriage

    This was a long tedious thread but it was valuable in how it explored the emotions, and understandings many of us have about this question. As a Roman Catholic very much shaped by the Roman Catholic tradition I have always found this question about marriage to be interesting, especially as it...
  7. Christopher McAvoy

    True or False: Orthodoxy denies the papacy ?

    Thanks. I think the answer would be "No, Orthodoxy does not deny the historic purpose of the papacy but it does deny particular post 11th century , particularly 19th century developments in it's role". Still I suppose I see how one can interpret it as it denying the the papacy if one thinks...
  8. Christopher McAvoy

    True or False: Orthodoxy denies the papacy ?

    Yesterday on a separate forum there was a comment made elsewhere about it being one thing to suspend belief that Pope Francis is Pope and quite another to suspend belief in the the papacy altogether. It was than said by a Roman catholic fellow that Orthodoxy is schism and heresy combined...
  9. Christopher McAvoy

    Conservatives Rage Against Pope Francis: The pope cannot change doctrine.

    http://en.denzingerbergoglio.com/francis-main-innovations/ from a previous site on this post, which I have the impression was ignored by most posters. That shouldnt have been the case it is a brilliant exposition of Francis material heresies. There are quotations of past Saints, Fathers...
  10. Christopher McAvoy

    Conservatives Rage Against Pope Francis: The pope cannot change doctrine.

    In summary, Pope Francis believes in moral relativism. A hippy Pope as the missouri synod comedians on youtube describe him in their animated parodies of him. I for one know that miracles have taken place in both roman and orthodox churches, maybe in my heart I believe God has mercy and gives...
  11. Christopher McAvoy

    Conservatives Rage Against Pope Francis: The pope cannot change doctrine.

    allow me to elucidate quotations from francis that display his beliefs:
  12. Christopher McAvoy

    Conservatives Rage Against Pope Francis: The pope cannot change doctrine.

    I consider Francis to be a material heretic but not a formal heretic. If interrogated by an inquisitor he may in fact recant heretical ideas but until that actually happens the man is a dangerous influence. He is the culmination of many decades of modernism. He is the first Pope to have been...
  13. Christopher McAvoy

    Canonical restrictions on the liturgies of Ss. James, Mark, et cetera?

    I think that familiarity on the part of lay people has much to do with what is acceptable. The fact is, once humpty dumpty falls off the wall, it is hard to put him back together again,  IE once a church liturgy becomes obscure and "abnormal" it is hard to normalize it as common place again. It...
  14. Christopher McAvoy

    Eastern Catholic vs Orthodox liturgies?

    Being that I am a Latin through and through and only gradually come to pay close attention to the byzantine liturgy, I will attempt to provide my own perspective. I recently attended a melkite greek catholic church a month ago and I had previously attended three or four orthodox divine...
  15. Christopher McAvoy

    Serbian bishop prays Creed with Latins using Filioque.

    I instantly dislike that Serbian Bishop. I instantly recognize a modernist regardless of whether he claims to be Eastern Orthodox , Roman Catholic or anything else. Surely a few bad apples won't spoil the bunch.
  16. Christopher McAvoy

    Harmonious Architecture + Liturgy - St Birinus, Dorchester on Thames, England

    http://www.lmschairman.org/2014/04/easter-monday-in-st-birinus-dorchester.html Although this is rather victorian neo-medieval architecture (a bit iconoclastic at that), it does at least offer a rare glimpse of a RC Church doing a Traditional Latin Mass behind a screen, something that would...
  17. Christopher McAvoy

    Seeking advice

    Dating is not ideal but I am not sure how to work against it. With younger unmarried people who live independently it is all that the western (and much of eastern) european societies really have to offer for meeting people for marriage.... sometimes when we are able to do courtship and such we...
  18. Christopher McAvoy

    Woman marries herself in Houston

    Afterwards she can divorce herself...
  19. Christopher McAvoy

    How is Toll houses not considered doctrine Development ?

    Hmm, I have some agreement...but everything happens because of God's mercy to some extent ...that seems a bit obvious.  ;D