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    "Lead us not into temptation"

    The ending is 2nd person singular subjunctive.  The verb is in the aorist to indicate that the action is not continuous or repeated.
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    The Liturgy in Rromanes (Gypsy language):

    It's probably Vlach Romany, since the recording was made in Romania by Romanians.
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    Dowsing and divning rods, what does the Church say?

    When Fr. Ephrem acquired the property for St. Anthony's Monastery in Arizona, there was some question as to where to drill for a water source.  Someone brought in an engineering team, which recommended a spot, but Fr. Ephrem said, "No, dig here," and indicated another place.  The place the...
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    Do deacons serve communion?

    We have two priests and a parochial deacon.  All of them distribute Communion at (Sunday) Liturgy.  The deacon is also charged with taking Communion to the sick and homebound.
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    The Pope to resign?!?! / Pope Benedict XVI resigns / Pope set to resign on Feb. 28th

    Seems I read something to the effect that Nostradamus prophesied that an interloper wouls become the penultimate Pope and cause all sorts of scandal.  Strange, then, that, amid all the scandalmongering now going on around the upcoming conclave, I've heard nothing of this.
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    So, what will be the next RCC Pope's name?

    The chief reason was that Pope John I was named Mercury, and didn't want to have the name of a pagan god attached to the Papal line.  This has never bothered hierarchs in the East; a recent Patriarch of Ethiopia was Abuna Merkorios.
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    So, what will be the next RCC Pope's name?

    I don't think we should take St. Malachy's "Petrus Romanus" any more literally than we take any of the other epithets he used to discribe other Popes.  Perhaps this epithet refers to a Pope who willl restore the papacy to somewhat the dimensions it had when the Pentarchy first emerged.
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    Taking A New Name

    I have a friend named Electra, whose mother is Melpomeni (but also goes by Anna), both names appear to be the legacies of Greek naming conventions, and so get perpetuated from generation to generation.  But I find, in reading the most ancient of the Church Fathers, lists of very early Martyrs...
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    The Pope to resign?!?! / Pope Benedict XVI resigns / Pope set to resign on Feb. 28th

    Congestive heart failure?  I have that; some of the symptoms are similar to what seems to be troubling Pope Benedict.  The onset can be gradual, sometimes punctuated with "heart attacks" (episodes of severe pulmonary edema).  It's something people die with as often as they die of it.
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    The Pope to resign?!?! / Pope Benedict XVI resigns / Pope set to resign on Feb. 28th

    Pope Benedict was Pope John Paul II's right-hand man during the latter's decline.  He got to see up close what it's like when the Pope goes effectively non-functional; he didn't want to burden the Church and the world with a repeat of that.
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    Orthodoxy and Humor

    I always get a kick out of this one: An elder known for his strictness and piety had a disciple who was was equally lackadaisical in his discipline, and continued so, despite many warnings from the elder, till one day, he died unexpectedly.  The elder mourned exceedingly over the loss, till one...
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    Icon corners

    Start at the bead nearest the cross.  Say the Jesus Prayer for each knot, advancing by one knotwith fingers at the end of each repetition.  If you encounter a bead, it's permissible to say the Glory & Now on that.
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    the married Chrisitans cannot be the priest?

    By economy long in use now, priests may not marry, but we do ordain married men; the marriage has to come before the ordination.
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    The Sports Thread

    Of my almae matres, Cal is out of bowl contention, Texas draws Oregon St. in the Alamo Bowl, and TCU draws Michigan St. in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl.  Both the 'Horns and the 'Frogs will be hard-put to beat their opponents; I think it's a bit too early to say who will win in either bowl game...
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    Fasting on Thanksgiving

    Since the first Thanksgiving meal of the pilgrims featured eel, rather than turkey, we have an excellent example to follow by observing the original Thanksgiving menue and keeping the Nativity Fast.
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    The Sports Thread

    After Cal lost ignominiously to Oregon State and moved the firing of coach Tedford, the stage was set for the epic battle of TCU and Texas.  The Frogs' opportunistic defense forced four turnovers, to which the offense added two two touchdowns and two field goals, resulting in a 20-13 upset. ...
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    The Sports Thread

    Sorry about the error re:  Florida vs. La.-Lafayette.
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    The Sports Thread

    Not a good day for two of my almae matres.  Texas provided the only bright spot, pounding Iowa St. 33-7 as part of a memorial tribute to Derrel Royal.  Kansas St. proved how real they are by manhandling TCU 23-10 in a game where the Frogs never led.  And in Berkeley, Oregon was slow to start but...
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    The Sports Thread

    It's been a great weekend for college football, to be sure--just toss out Friday night, when Washington beat woeful Cal 21-13.  The Big XII, SEC, and Notre Dame were centers of attention; notable was K-State hammering Okie St., Texas overpowering Texas Tech 32-21, and the surprise of the day...
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    Name that church!: California parish to choose patron saint

    There is already a mission/parish of the Antiochian Archdiocese in San Juan Capistrano, named for St. John the Theologian.