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    The Buranovo Grannies will inaugurate Orthodox centre in Finland

    Thanks for the greetings WPM! (even though Iisalmi is four and a half hours drive from where I live) heh, It seems a few years have passed since I last posted on OC.  :D
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    Kinda blasphemic

    Haha fantastic! I think it's a joke but seriously, if it were true it would certainly come from Russia :D
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    Churches in Copenhagen? ...or the Faroe Islands?

    Haha ;D ;D Turns out my flight has been rescheduled! I will be arriving mid liturgy at st Alexander Nevski church tomorrow.  ;D ;D I encourage you to read up on the history of this church (if you know Danish or Russian) http://www.ruskirke.dk/dk/dk/HISTORIE.html
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    Churches in Copenhagen? ...or the Faroe Islands?

    Thank you for your suggestions. The Serbian and Romanian churches does not seem to want visitors that do not speak their own language, there is not a single word in English or Danish on their websites. The (ROCOR?) church of saint Alexander Nevsky has divine liturgies both in Church Slavonic...
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    Churches in Copenhagen? ...or the Faroe Islands?

    I will be travelling to the Faroe Islands next week, with some deliberate time spent in Denmark between flights. Do you have any tip on where there are any Churches I could visit during this trip?
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    Scandinavian Orthodoxy

    :o Material på svenska från ortodoksi.net? Fantastiskt! Vem ska man skicka tackkort och blombuketter åt?  ;D
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    Scandinavian Orthodoxy

    Yeah, the username for the youtube account does not really match the uploaded content.  ??? ;D But it is as you say that asatro is neopaganism, also in the nordic countries.
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    Scandinavian Orthodoxy

    Jag börjar bli lite imponerad av Helige Trifons livsverk. Vet du vilken biskop Skoltsamerna, som bor i Norge, vänder sig till för att få präster?
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    Pics of Local Orthodoxy

    Great! Thanks for posting! In order to contribute... This is my son at St Nicholas Church in Vaasa, Finland. Source: http://www.orthphoto.net (some dude visited my Church with a camera and asked for permission to post it on orthphoto, check the site out) This is another photo taken at the...
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    Scandinavian Orthodoxy

    Verkligen intressant att helige Trifon av Petsamo också verkade i Norge. Bor det ännu skoltsamer i Norge? Helige Trifon av Petsamo firas, tillsammans med Helgonen Sergius och Herman, som Finlands upplysare. Tydligen är han också Norges (i varje fall nordnorges)...
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    Scandinavian Orthodoxy

    There are also numerous saints that spread Christianity from the east (Saints Sergei and Herman of Valamo being chief examples). These saints are highly venerated in the Finnish Church. But I guess OP does not count Finland as being part of scandinavia.  ;D ;D Jag ser nu att detta är postat i...
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    Orthodox Nations...

    Thank you for all the great heraldry! But... Flags and national coats of arms represents states. I think it is a fallacy to consider states Orthodox. Lands and peoples can be called Orthodox, if the majority of the population is Orthodox, but to call a state orthodox it would have to have a...
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    Lord have mercy
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    Something rotten in the state of ecumenism?

    I have nothing to add to this thread other than a "Thank you" to Fabio Leite for posting the piece about revolutionary mentality. The kind of mindset described is present, not only in ecumenism, but basically everywhere.
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    Funny: Europe according to the Vatican map

    Jesus never went to Finland :_( Thanks for posting  ;D
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    Orthodox Christian Soldiers

    I have served my time as conscript and am now in the Finnish reserve. I find no problem with this at all, mainly because the Finnish military doctrine is one of defense. One of the most useful things i learned in the military is "All countries have armies present. If it's not their own, then...
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    Swedish (or scandinavian) christianity.

    The vocalist of the band Crimson Moonlight uses the stage name Pilgrim. I believe he currently self identifies as orthodox and has joined some self made group that try to use as many ancient practices as they can. There seems to be a trend for ancient christianity going on in scandinavia at the...
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    Get your bathing suits!: Earth's Moon has water in stored 'beads'

    The best way to avoid earthly temptations is to live somewhere else.
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    What % of income to give to the Church?

    I have never really understood the old Jewish 10% to have carried over to the Church. The early Christians certainly gave more than this, many gave "everything". The advice I have gotten was that one should not give the amount one felt comfortable with, but a little bit more, so that it hurts...
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    Get your bathing suits!: Earth's Moon has water in stored 'beads'

    Well there is already an Orthodox Church in Antarctica, the next logical step is to build one on the moon. ...and then we should erect a moonestary there.  ;D ;D