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    Armenian Orthodox Hourly prayer in english for Android Mobile Phone

    Dear all, I have published an android program containing Armenian hourly prayers in English. The same is available in Android Market for Free(search in the android market with Armenian Orthodox). I have at present given prayers for only two hours. I am an Indian orthodox member and I am not sure...
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    PHILOKALIA, The Great Christian Classic released in India

    Dear zak, This malayalam(Indian) verson was earlier available in current books. It is 5 book combination , kept at a very low price. Thomas varghese
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    Armenian Orthodox hourly Prayers

    Thanks a lot Thomas V
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    Armenian Orthodox hourly Prayers

    Thanks a lot. Links to any sites where these prayers are hosted will be most helpful. Thomas V
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    Armenian Orthodox hourly Prayers

    Can anyone help me in finding Armenian Orthodox hourly  prayers in english ? Thanks in advance Thomas V from India
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    Android Program for Indian Orthodox church prayers

    Dear all, I have written a small programme for Android Phone for the daily prayers of Indian Orthodox Church. All the 7 hourly prayers are included. It is in the Free section of android Market and name given is Indian Orthodox Prayers. (search by orthodox). I have tested it in Android 2.1...
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    Need help translating a Syriac-Indian hymn (Jananee Parishudha) into English

    The song you have given is from the worship at 6th hour(noon) and it is Bovotho of Mor Balai . The song is of 6 stanzas. In the recoding two stanzas are sung in Malayalam (Malayalam in this recording ends with words 'Athmavinu Kotta'). It seems the rest is in Syriac and hope that what is sung in...
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    Malankara Orthodox bishop in critical condition

    H. G. Dr. Thomas Mar Makarios senior bishop of the Malankara Orthodox Church (indian Orthodox church)met with Major road  accident while on a pastoral visit to UK on the 5th January. HG 's condition is still very critical. Let us all pray for the health of HG Latest Medical bulletin :7/1/08...
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    Oriental Orthodoxy and Peter

    Please go through Viswasasamrakshakan 2005 sept issue. In it H.G Kuriakose mor theophilos wrote 'Since from 1490 to 1599 ,SOC was in decline we got nestorian Bishops from persia' Thomas
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    Oriental Orthodoxy and Peter

    Dear Mathews In 1912 reinstation of Catholicate , Patriarch was not necessory at all , if we think in canonical terms. Since Catholicate of East was a canonical position not under any other eccliastical position. What is transplanted is not maphianate but catholicate of the east position. This...
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    Malankara association on Tomorrow

    Malankara orthodox syrian Church's (Indian Orthodox church) Parlament, the Malankara Association is meeting tomorrow at Parumala , India,for electing the office bearers for next 5 years. Malankara Association is representative body comprising representatives from each church (parish)of Malankara...
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    OO Churches and Lent

    March 25th - is the Annunciation to St.Mary ie the day in which St.mary is told about Jesus birth. Even if March 25th is Good friday, the Prayers of Good Friday starts only after Holy Mass( happened in 2006). It is Maundy thursday(not moundy) the thursday in the holy week The Colour change is...
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    OO Churches and Lent

    Certain practices followed during Great Lent in Indian orthodox church-MOSC(Since Indian Orthodox church followes west syrian liturgy it may be same in SOC also , i think) 1.  Food -All animal products and fish is barred 2.  Holy Mass is celebrated only on Saturdays and sundays except for...
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    OO Churches and Lent

    As per Syrian orthdox tradition Sunday 5 is Sunday of Good samaritan But in malankara (Indian Orthodox)as posted in earlier mail It is sunday of hunch backed women ie SOC Sunday 1 - Sunday of the feast of Cana (Qonte) Sunday 2 - The Sunday of leper (garbo) Sunday 3 - Sunday of The...
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    Problem between two OO churches turning violent in INDIA

    In India problem with OO churches Syriac Orthodox and Indian Orthodox is turning bitter and bitter. The recent incidents started When SOC Mapriana has entered a Church which was under possession of IOC without the permission of IOC. (SOC claims it as their church). Thomas
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    Mother Mary's birthday and Oriental Churches

    Whether any Oriental Orthadox church is giving Impotance to Mother mary's birthday on Septemper 8th. It is seen that In india both MOSC(indian orthadox) and JSC( a part of SOC) are celebrating this with great fanfare. Also there is a 8 day lent ending on Semptember8th. Also It is seen that in...
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    Pentecostal churches flourish in Kerala.... (Ever thought why???)

    Hi all The reasons are many One of the resons as someone earlier pointed out is the people want to get many things instataneously. Penticostal pasters tell that if u want to get job u convert to us and we will pray for u. if u want to recover from disease do the same .like that hen ever people...