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    I'm Convinced.

    Since you have been on this forum for some time, it would be interesting to hear some particulars of your decision. I must admit I have a hard time understanding many of your posts. Perhaps you could elaborate somewhat on your decision. This might be beneficial for others who struggle deciding...
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    What percentage of the Orthodox Faith do you consider Catholics to believe?

    I guess I see where you are going on the poll as I am a person who likes to quantify things with charts, graphs, tables, etc. However, if we just make a list, someone can always add one more, and pretty soon we have a long list and it looks like there is a wide chasm. On this list will be a lot...
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    Done with Christianity for now...

    As bad of advise as it seems, I would suggest you hang in there. Everyone at some time or another goes through the "Dark Night of the Soul" where you feel abandoned or without guidance. it has sometimes been said that an atheist can be closer to God than a seemingly devout Christian. The reason...
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    Prayer beads from other religions

    Why would you want to use other than a Christian prayer rope? There are numerous Orthodox or Catholic ropes available.
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    Gift of Healing

    Since apparently you are Orthodox, I would assume if you did go, you would not receive communion at their Mass. However, with that being said, if your stumbling block is the fact that you view the Roman Catholic faith as a false religion you probably would not be comfortable with going.  You...
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    Jesus Prayer and Breathing

    I find I have to have to have some time to switch gears. I like to get to church early and let all the thought from the world dissolve so I can focus on why I am there. The same with any prayer. I know there are people who can switch over quickly but it just isn’t me. I need time to get settled...
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    Jesus Prayer and Breathing

    isxodnix- Could you elaborate a bit on the last post?
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    Jesus Prayer and Breathing

    Thank you for your response.  I have read some of what you reference from St. Ignatius Bryanchaninov. I agree the breathing coupled with the prayer is not necessary. However, I also find I have to spend a period of time (5-10 minutes)relaxing myself and tuning out the world before prayer to...
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    Jesus Prayer and Breathing

    I am interested on thoughts regarding the Jesus Prayer and breathing. It is certainly not necessary to coordinate breathing with the prayer, but many do. Several old writings actually discourage it claiming it could damage the lungs. Is this just based on traditional teaching or is there so...
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    Pope Benedict XVI's formula for Re-Union on the Papacy.

    A short summary in a few words of what separate Orthodox and Catholic: 1-Is the authority of the Pope either sole leader over the whole church or is he 1st among equals 2-Development of doctrine
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    How much do you feel the Orthodox have been affected by Modernism? I would think not nearly to the point that Catholicism has suffered. There has been an infiltration of modernism in the Catholic Church since the late nineteenth century, It has escalated through the changes of Vatican II and...
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    How to receive Communion

    Good summary
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    Why Orthodox don't have a pope? Mt 16,18

    Are the passages cited in your later posts taken from this book?  These are execellent references.
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    Differences in Orthodox Jusrisdiction

    I guess one question would be, do you ever see some parishes who in an effort to possibly be more ecumenical either consciously or unconsciously incorporate or modify practices to a small degree. I think in today's world there is a tendency to want to please people that in time can erode...
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    Differences in Orthodox Jusrisdiction

    My quote box didn’t go quite right on the last post. Sorry
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    Differences in Orthodox Jusrisdiction

    Russians follow the Old Calendar, and women attending services usually wear head coverings. If those are the marks of "traditional or conservative" so be it. You are indeed correct about Russia. For the most part my wife was fully expected to wear a head covering. That was not so common in US
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    Differences in Orthodox Jusrisdiction

    I think you have grasped what I was striving to put in to words
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    Differences in Orthodox Jusrisdiction

    I was struggling for the right words to describe my thoughts, and not sure if that is actually the word I wanted to use. Part of my impressions may simply be the churches in eastern Europe had a long running history whereas in the US there were a large number of converts from different walks of...
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    The Saint, the Priest, and Face-tattoos

    Great story. Inspirational.  Of course, that is what icons are supposed to do.
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    Differences in Orthodox Jusrisdiction

    I have had an opportunity to visit quite a few churches of different Orthodox jurisdictions primarily in America and Eastern Europe. I was curious if other felt it was a fair statement to say that Russian Orthodox tend to be a little more traditional or conservative than Greek Orthodox and maybe...