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    Are Modern-Day Worship Songs Bad in Orthodoxy?

    My first priest taught me that the reason we do not use instruments in the Divine Liturgy is because our Orthodox worship corresponds to that of the Holy Place in the Temple/Tabernacle. There only the voices of the priests were permitted. In the OT instruments did not make it past the outer...
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    Historical geographical confinement and lack of mission

    I don't see how size of mission is of itself a suitable test of which is the true church. The test Christ gave is fruit. Does the tree reproduce in kind?  Look at the best fruit of the Catholic Church and of the Orthodox Church side by side since the time of the great schism, and especially...
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    Taking a detour

    Dear Eruvande, I don't know if my experience might be of any help, but here goes. In 1995 while visiting my family home on vacation I decided that after some reading and study I wanted to become Orthodox. I called the priest I had been talking to. He said that is wonderful, but no. Orthodoxy is...
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    OCA Holy Synod elects Bishop Alexander of Toledo to vacant Dallas See

    Update. His grace Bishop Alexander has sent a letter to the parishes of the DOS and informs us he intends to live in Dallas, and looks forward to visiting throughout diocese and getting to know us and our culture. Very warm and pastoral, speaking very highly of the DOS, our beloved Archbishop...
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    OCA Holy Synod elects Bishop Alexander of Toledo to vacant Dallas See

    I must admit I remain troubled by how things have played out in the Diocese of the South with respect to how we have "obtained" our new bishop, but notice has come of a letter from Fr. Gerasim. His counsel in it is like oil on water. He is content with the Holy Synod's decision. We will miss not...
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    OCA Holy Synod elects Bishop Alexander of Toledo to vacant Dallas See

    This is all very sad to me. Bishop Alexander doesn't know the DOS and the DOS doesn't know him, and did not want him as our Bishop. We wanted Fr. Gerasim by an overwhelming majority, and after years of feet dragging our Holy Synod elects someone else who already has a diocese. In the midst of...
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    Pastors blasting Starbucks over plain red coffee cups

    https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CTkSGaCUAAA2FIb.jpg This pretty much sums it all up for me.
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    The Wind Hath Heirs

    I don't know who here likes reading YA dystopian SF, but I've just put up the first few chapters of a novel called, The Wind Hath Heirs over on WriteOn...the Kindle universe answer to Wattpad. I'll be putting up new chapters every week or so. I would be very grateful to anyone with writerly...
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    British Posters: How is the American Revolution Viewed

    The older I get the more I am convinced we were mistaken to take up arms against the crown in order to win our independence. While much good has come of it, I think, at least as much, if not more misery followed behind.  This does not mean there were not serious problems, and oppressions that...
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    Was the U.S. Civil War Over Slavery?

    As much as my heart leapt at the prospect of St. Seraphim supporting the South over the North in the American Civil war...inasmuch as I am very southern, somewhat a southern nationalist, a descendant of a number of Confederate veterans, and thoroughly unreconstructed...as well as being Orthodox...
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    Catholic Convert Problems

    On my way to Orthodoxy, while I enjoyed and profited from books like Ware's The Orthodox Church or historical/theological treatments of eastern and western theology, the thing that "clicked" for me was not erudition, but a life, namely that of St. Seraphim of Sarov. I read his life by Fr...
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    No Parish Nearby

    The nearest Orthodox church to me, while in my home state is a 2 hour drive. God helping me I make the drive every Sunday, and on certain feast days as I am able...not often as I would like, but let it be as God wills.  Others in my parish live a similar distance and they will come every other...
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    Cast From the Mountaintop

    Dear Grebre, May the Lord be gracious to you, strengthen you in your trial, bring you through and in due season refresh your spirit. If I may address your comments about the mountaintop. From what I can see of nature, the higher the mountain, the colder and more barren it is.  It may be a...
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    Archbishop Nikon's Timetable for new DOS Bishop

    My priest and parish are very impressed with Fr. Gerasim, and are hoping that he is the one who will be ordained as our next bishop. From everything I can see he would make an excellent choice...be a good fit for the diocese.
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    Why are today’s churches so different than the NT churches?

    Dear Osterioh, I don't know if you are done reading and posting here in this thread, but just in case you are reading, let me speak to your original question. Why has the Church changed? I guess it depends on what is mean by change. We live in time, our faith must be lived out in history in a...
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    Why use leavened bread during the Holy Eucharist?

    If we look at the word for the bread used at the Last Supper is "artos", the Greek generic term for bread that almost always...though not necessarily always referred to every day leavened break. The Greek term that specifically means unleavened bread is azymes. This gap is cleared up if we look...
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    Help with disturbing nightmares.

    Back to the OP. Years ago I came across an instruction in the English edition of a Romanian prayer book that said to make the sign of the cross over the bed before you go to sleep and say, "Let God arise, His enemies be scattered." Another place said that trouble with unseemly dreams could be...
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    Challenging the Status Quo

    Dear Loveofthetruth, Hermas will put you on your knees. It will both enflame your heart with the love of Christ and terrify you of falling short of what you were called to be. The similitudes are especially sobering.  For all that they are not Scripture, though they are profitable to read...
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    Dealing with Religious Isolation?

    For what it is worth, when I first wanted to convert in 1995 I lived on an island in the Pacific 1600 miles from the nearest Orthodox parish in any direction. When home on vacation I drove 2 hours to meet with the nearest available Orthodox priest. It was was a very helpful conversation, and he...
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    Where is the intercession of saints in the bible

    This is from the Hebrew Mishnah, a historical commentary upon the events of the Law and Prophets. It relates the prayer of Caleb when as scripture records he turned aside to Hebron first where the patriarchs were buried prior to beginning his task as a spy: "He went to prostrate himself upon...