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    See of Rome

    I had a question about the Roman Patriarch the other day and thought I would bring it here for your thoughts. If Orthodoxy denies the Roman Pontiff as the See of Rome and accepts some other (can't remember his name at the moment), then why does the one accepted not act as the First Among...
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    A Small Thank You

    (Mor, not sure if this is where I should post this, but please feel free to move it to a different location if needed) I just wanted to say I have learned a great deal from all of you here at OC.net.  Some good, some really good, some bad, some really, really bad.  I wanted to take a moment for...
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    Nicene Creed Hypocrisy

    Then this should be corrected and those who made unauthorized changes punished.  This is no better than the Filioque controversy.
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    Do you really?

    Fr. Chad Hatfield from SVS stated, "The Orthodox Church is in the business of making converts.  The great Commission, given by our Lord in the closing words of Matthew's Gospel, is not an option." http://orthodoxparker.blogspot.jp/2011/05/fr-chad-hatfield-on-baptism-and-great.html?m=1 He is...
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    Pray for Orthodoxy and Orthodox Christians everywhere, Pray for Catholicism and Catholic Christians everywhere, Pray for our Protestant brothers and sisters everywhere, Pray we can support and help one another while the world tries to rip us apart and destroy us, Pray that we do not provide...
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    Soul Searching and Growth

    Of the 15 threads currently on the main page, 7 (half) are regarding the Catholic Church and no one sees the obsession with Rome on the parts of the posters here?  This is a serious issue.  I hope you all do some deep soul searching and realize your problem.  Stop worrying about what Rome is...
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    Does anyone know how many times the Catholic Church and Orthodox Church were in and out of communion with one another?
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    My Father

    Dear friends, I ask for prayers for my father who, to my knowledge, only acknowledges the existence of God, but denies all other aspects of Christianity on a personal level.   He is elderly, had several heart attacks, stints implanted and during his last recent episode was told he needed bypass...
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    Ex cathedra

    From what I can find, the Pope has spoken in ex cathedra three times.  Once for Papal Infallability, once for Immaculate Conception and he Assumption of Mary.  Is this correct?
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    Just how crazy would I be if once I retire, hopefully next year, I take my family, move to Nova Scotia and attend St. Francis Xavier University for their Celtic Studies Program?  They have an undergrad and graduate program.  I want to teach at the graduate level and only have two areas of real...
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    Serious Question

    Ok guys (and gals), here is a question for everyone which has been really bothering me lately.  I would insert a poll, but with all of the different jurisdictions I thought it would be useless.  When you answer, please do not pontificate .  If you must explain, please keep it as pithy as...
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    Parish I was received and chrismated.

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    New Church/New Priest

    I am not certain if I have shared this, but I moved not too long ago and found the one Orthodox Church I could attend was without a priest.  Today, I met with the new priest and he seems like a very down to earth sort of fellow.  He is younger than I expected, but that is probably a good thing. ...
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    Need some guidance

    Is there anyone here who is a university/college professor or teacher with a Masters degree?  If so, I have some questions if you don't mind helping me out.
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    Arrested for Telling Truth

    What was it again?  People said this would never happen and we were over-reacting?  People ignore the slippery slope and call it a logical fallacy, yet this takes place (as history has proven happens time and again).  It will not get better as time passes...
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    Comparing Churches

    I have seen many posts regarding Eastern Catholics and was wondering, other than being in communion with Rome, what other differences are there between them and the Orthodox Church.  I have heard some say there are no other differences.  I ask for my personal education and would hope responding...
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    What Are The Differences?

    http://www.ocf.org/OrthodoxPage/reading/ortho_cath.html While this specifically addresses the differences between Orthodoxy and Catholicism, it also addresses many topics we debate here and clarifies them.  I thought it interesting and wanted to share. As I understand, there is some...
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    Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes?

    I just learn the Possum (George Jones) passed away. 
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    Over the next few months, I will be engaged in some travels for my work and will be away from my family for a few weeks at a time, here and there.  Please pray for me, but mostly for my family while I am away.  Thank you!
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    An interesting article

    I read this article and can't say I really disagree with what the authors view point.  I wanted to share it with you all and see how you feel about this. www.foxnews.com/opinion/2013/03/17/sorry-but-atheism-is-religion/?intcmp=obnetwork#ixzz2OAt3oO99