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  1. Mor Ephrem

    Liturgical Fans

    I’m looking for a source(s) from which to purchase “table-top” liturgical fans, such as those in the attached photo. They can be around that size or smaller (I know smaller sizes exist). Your assistance is greatly appreciated. https://ibb.co/y4tdK1d
  2. Mor Ephrem

    Situation Report EEPA HORN No. 50 – 09 Jan 2021

    2021’s gonna be lit.
  3. Mor Ephrem

    Manuals of Theology

    Hello Roman Catholics! I’m looking for recommendations of (preferably, but not necessarily exclusively pre-Vatican II) manuals of theology (dogmatic, moral, etc.) in English translation.  I will be grateful for your suggestions.
  4. Mor Ephrem

    MOVED: Amazon - Forerunner of Mark of The Beast?

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  5. Mor Ephrem

    MOVED: Any Teeanagers and Orthodox Youth Here?

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  6. Mor Ephrem

    MOVED: Western rite Orthodox...

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  7. Mor Ephrem

    Brant Pitre

    Judging from the number and kind of books he’s authored, Brant Pitre seems like a Scott Hahn.  Have any of you read his books?  If so, what are your thoughts?
  8. Mor Ephrem

    Converting During a Pandemic

    I’ve been following a lot of the different policies and plans of the various jurisdictions (and dioceses within them) regarding closing and re-opening of churches during the current pandemic, but I am not sure any of them have addressed how to handle converts.  We typically recommend people...
  9. Mor Ephrem

    The Diary of Mor Ephrem

    After working from home all day, I watched the news for a little bit while drinking coffee.  Now this cup of coffee I brewed myself in a percolator with tap water and ground Dunkin Donuts original blend.  With a little milk added to change the color of the coffee to that of my body and just...
  10. Mor Ephrem

    MOVED: What about ALL religions or None?

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  11. Mor Ephrem

    MOVED: There is no mention of human nature in the Nicene Creed!

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  12. Mor Ephrem

    Danville, PA

    Is anyone able to recommend any parishes (EO or OO) in the Danville, Pennsylvania area?
  13. Mor Ephrem

    MOVED: Done with Christianity for now...

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  14. Mor Ephrem

    MOVED: Recommended Book on Reformation

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  15. Mor Ephrem

    MOVED: Russian domestic violence: Women fight back

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  16. Mor Ephrem

    MOVED: "Abrahamic Family House" ... slipping under the radar

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  17. Mor Ephrem

    P atriarchs of Jerusalem and Moscow concelebrated without commemorating EP

    ...or anyone else, really. https://orthodoxtimes.com/patriarchs-of-jerusalem-and-moscow-concelebrated-without-commemorating-ecumenical-patriarch-in-diptychs/
  18. Mor Ephrem

    MOVED: Pope says sorry for crusaders' rampage in 1204

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  19. Mor Ephrem

    What Happened to OrthodoxInfo.com?

    It doesn’t seem to have been updated in a couple of years.  I miss it.
  20. Mor Ephrem

    MOVED: Where does Charity End?

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